1966 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2L Roadster

Sold for a World Record Price at RM Auction



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1962 Jaguar Series I XKE FHC Scores 100 Points in JCNA Concours

One of our great Jaguar collector customers purchased our Show level 1962 Jaguar XKE FHC and just recently has shown the car at Reston, VA, Nations Capital JCNA Concours and scored 100 points! This is one of the things that we enjoy doing, helping someone to achieve high results. Their family is committed to the hobby and it is a family adventure to show the car and all that is involved in the process. We wish them much success and future accomplishments with this car.



Another Jaguar collector and Classic Showcase customer wins an award at the San Diego Jaguar Club Concours with his beautiful 1957 Jaguar XK 140 MC Roadster.

Congratulations on a First Place win!




A Jaguar collector and Classic Showcase customer takes a First Place award with his 1967 E-type OTS at a recent San Diego Jaguar Concours.



Jaguar collector and Classic Showcase customer takes an award with his 1962 XKE FHC at a recent San Diego Jaguar Concours.




Another Jaguar collector and Classic Showcase customer takes an award with his 1962 Jaguar XKE Series I OTS




Tom Krefetz' 1967 420 also takes an award at the San Diego Jaguar Concours.





Restoration Finish


1957 Jaguar XK 140 MC OTS

This is a numbers matching car that  had undergone the restoration process to a Show level by Classic Showcase. It is in its original color combination of pastel blue with blue and grey interior and a blue hood. This is a Show level restoration, with no expense being spared. In the last newsletter, the body and the metal work was done, primed, sealed, given a base coat, clear coat painted, and the engine and transmission were going into the car. The panels and upholstery have been restored with superb craftsmanship by our talented upholstery department. This is an outstanding example if not the finest in the world today and we are extremely proud of the end result.



Restoration Finish

1962 Jaguar XKE Series I 3.8 OTS

A Jaguar enthusiast and collector had us restore this car to Show level condition. Perfection was our goal in restoring this original roadster with heritage certificate and California black plate. It is a superb example car with flat floor welded louver bonnet. The 3.8 engine was rebuilt to factory specifications. It is all matching and calibrated. The body was stripped to bare metal, metal work was completed including the body, doors, bonnet and boot, then fitted to the body, painted, color sanded and buffed and bright work replaced or re-plated. New proper interior carpet, panels, dash and seats were all custom fitted and installed. The car was then fitted with a correct British grain soft top to end the car's restoration with a spectacular finish.




1966 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 Roadster

This 1966 Jaguar 4.2L E-Type Series I Roadster is a very original, matching numbers vehicle. It has completed a comprehensive and documented restoration to a Show/Driver level by Classic Showcase. This vehicle recently sold at RM Auction in Monterey for a world record price. We were proud to provide our high standard level of craftsmanship to this car and hope that its new owner gets the same level of enjoyment out of it for many years to come.



Under Restoration

1965 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 Coupe

This Jaguar is currently undergoing a restoration by Classic Showcase to a Show/Driver level. The vehicle was disassembled and carefully inspected. The body has been stripped and has been re-painted and had a color sanding and buff. The engine, transmission and rear end will be disassembled and rebuilt to factory specifications. All systems and components will be gone through as well. New upholstery and carpet are currently being fitted and installed.




1959 Jaguar XK 150 S 3.4 FHC

This 1959 Jaguar XK 150 S Roadster sold new in Los Angeles to a well known collector in Beverly Hills. Purchased some years later by the gentleman’s son and his goal was to complete the restoration process keeping the car in its original color combination of Pearl Gray with a Red interior as when it left the factory in 1959. In purchasing the car and understanding the originality of this vehicle with limited ownership and having never been altered, we made the commitment to the son that this car would be restored to Show level condition sparing no expense. As you review the photos below, you will see the restoration in progress. In our Winter issue you will see further pictures of the completed car. Hope you enjoy!



1969 Maserati Ghibli

This customer’s car was an original car with so much popularity. It is currently being restored to a Show/Driver level condition to keep the car authentic. Body stripped to bare metal, doors, bonnet, then sealed, base coat, clear coat painted, color sanded and buffed. This vehicle is being restored as necessary to its original color including interior. Please stay tuned for more restoration updates.




CA S.D.J.C. 44th Annual Concours d'Elegance

-Hosted by the San Diego Jaguar Club-

San Diego Annual Concours d’Elegance at Spanish Landing.

Great day to be at the bay, fabulous Jaguars, well attended,

great selection of cars and various models.

Classic Showcase restored E-Type's take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies!

It’s not often you go to an event and three of your cars compete against each other for first, second and third place. A customer’s XK140 MC Roadster took 1st and another customer’s 1967 OTS Roadster also took 1st. A 1962 XKE FHC, a 1962 XKE OTS, and a 1967 420 Sedan also took home awards. Congratulations to everyone who took home a trophy at this event!

The event was well attended and our good friends Enrique Vila, Alejandro Isoard and Alberto lenz from the Mexico Jaguar Club also attended. 




Carmel by the Sea

Concours at the Avenue 2009

August 13, 2009

Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours on the Avenue kicks off the Monterey Week in some style. As a beautiful quaint little village, Carmel proved to be a breathtaking place to park and view these cars. Ocean Avenue was lined with thousands of enthusiasts who enjoyed the spectacular line-up of hundreds of cars in the beautiful and exclusive Carmel-by-the-Sea setting. The event took place just miles away from the location of the famed Pebble Beach Concours, happening just several days later. Though there is a flurry of other events that occur during this hectic time, the Concours On The Avenue brings its own flavor and features a wide range of vehicles.  It is one of the few events to showcase American cars built in the post-war era. Porsche and Ferrari were this year’s feature with several categories reserved for each marque. Though the entry list was limited to 180 vehicles, there were certainly more than 200 motorcycles and automobiles on display.






Laguna Seca
36th Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races
Presented by Rolex
August 14-16, 2009

The Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races concluded at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca after three days of fabulous vintage racing action, exhibitions, new car reveals and activities for fans. This event is often called the most significant vintage racing event in the country. Of 450 entrants, one-third were Porsches, which was this year’s Featured Marque. The Rolex Moments in Time display was one of the most popular features at this event where historically significant were illuminated like masterpieces.


9339_2_RMHAR09sc_0152 9344_2_RMHAR09sc_0103 9346_2_RMHAR09sc_0159
9359_2_RMHAR09sc_0389 9360_2_RMHAR09sc_0645 9358_2_RMHAR09sc_0559-2
9372_2_RMHAR09sc_1083-2 9371_2_RMHAR09sc_0944 9377_2_RMHAR09sc_0935
9388_2_RMHAR09sc_1622 9386_2_RMHAR09sc_1876-2 9394_2_RMHAR09sc_1675
9399_2_RMHAR09sc_2373 9397_2_RMHAR09sc_0789 9406_2_RMHAR09sc_1601-2
9411_2_RMHAR09sc_2214 9426_2_RMHAR09sc_2823 9433_2_RMHAR09sc_2739





2009 Monterey/Pebble Beach Weekend
August 13-16, 2009


The overall mood for the weekend was very upbeat. Over 500 cars were sold in auction over the course of the weekend. Bonham’s, RM and Gooding reported that totals were down slightly from last year, but with sales totaling at around $119 million it was not a significant decrease proving that the enthusiasm in the sports car market and hobby is still very much alive and strong. Buyers were very active, but a bit more thoughtful this year about making a decision to bid. The strongest examples continued to do well this year. Overall, the weekend turned out to be a greater success than anyone could have hoped for.

Top Sales at Auction

1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider – Sold for $5,115,000

1952 Jaguar C-Type XKC-007 at RM Auction

Sold for $2,530,000

1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider at

Gooding & Comany

Sold for $5,115,000

1960 Jaguar E2A Le Mans Sports-Racing Two-Seater Prototype at

Bonhams & Butterfields

Sold for $4,500,000




Sports & Classics at Monterey
August 13- 15, 2009

RM Auctions continued its record breaking sales run in Monterey, CA. A new world record was set for a C-type that sold at auction for just over $2.5 million. The global interest and enthusiasm in this event led to a full sales room of active bidders for all three evenings. One of the highlights of the event was a 2005 Ford GT supercar that was offered on behalf of the Ford Motor Company with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and its mission to find a cure for diabetes and its complications.


Photos: Jamie Doyle (Sports Car Digest)  


Bonhams & Butterfields Auction


Quail Lodge Carmel, CA Friday August 14, 2009

Bonhams & Butterfields’ 12th annual auction, held in connection with The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering, featured more than 100 cars highlighted by the 1939 Auto Union D-Type V12 Grand Prix Racing Car.

Bonhams offered 102 automobiles for sale, with 62 finding new owners, reflecting a 60.7% sales rate. The total automotive sales volume was $14,284,288, inclusive of buyer’s premiums. The average price per car sold was $230,391. - Sports Car Digest.com

 “This year’s stellar sale was another great effort put forth by our International Motorcar Department. We’ve proven again today that cars of stellar provenance – the best of the best, continue to attract collector interest. The collector car market is alive and strong.”- Mark Osborne, VP and Director of the US Motoring Department at Bonhams & Butterfields







Equestrian Center - Pebble Beach, CA

August 15-16, 2009

On August 15-16, Gooding sold 129 of 159 (81%) cars for a $50,759,350 total, with nine million-dollar cars. Chief among them was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, which made $5,115,000, including buyer's premium. A 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Drophead Coupe sold for $4,180,000, and a 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Roadster brought $3,300,000.




Pebble Beach Concours

August 16, 2009

Once each year, on a Sunday in August, 175 of the most prized collector cars in the world roll onto what is often called the best finishing hole in golf — the famed eighteenth fairway at Pebble Beach. Tire meets turf and transformation occurs: the stage is set for one of the most competitive events in the automotive world. The occasion is the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.





Jim Asked:

  • Question: I love the E-type, but I am 6’ 4” and don’t fit well. What can you do to help me fit more comfortably in the car?

Jim Wood, Salt Lake City, Utah

Tom Says:

There are a few alterations that can be done to a Series I E-type to make your drive a bit more comfortable:

  •    Move the seat tracks back in the vehicle.
  •    Replace the seats with the seats of a Series II. These will make your seating position more comfortable, and with a simple change of upholstery most people would never recognize the change.
  •  We could modify the pedals for more leg room.

Generally, a Series II or Series III would be a much more comfortable fit for taller people on long drives.


Robert Jones Asks:

  • How do I learn the history of my vehicle?

Robert Jones, St. Paul, MN

Tom Says:

That is a very good question and it all depends on the information accumulated on the vehicle. If you purchased the vehicle with receipts or paperwork verifying the authenticity, then you have completed the hardest part of the task. If you have no paperwork on your vehicle, then you will have to inspect your car for as many numbers as you can find. This includes the engine, transmission, body, and vehicle identification numbers. You will need these to research your vehicle.


    John Asks :
    • How can I find out what colors were offered on my vehicle?

    John Watkins, South Dakota

    Tom Says:

    You should check out tcpglobal.com/autocolorlibrary. This site is full of information and can help owners with many kinds of vehicles. Another option might be to seach online for your vehicle manufacturer catalog.


    • Tom, I've noticed over the last year that the prices have been rising rapidly for the Porsche 356. Why is that?

    Eddie Compton, Napa Valley, California

    Tom Says:

    Eddie, that's a very good question. Because the collector car market fluctuates, certain cars that are in limited supply become popular and, therefore, the demand is greater. So when the supplies become limited, the prices go up. I recommend that you look for the best example that you can buy within your budget.


    Terry Asks :
    • Hi Tom, what would be the ideal way to prepare a car for transportation?

    Terry, California

    Tom Says:

    Hi Terry

    1, Make sure your car is clean at the time of pick-up and take digital photos showing its condition.

    2, Provide starting and operating instructions for the transport driver, including location of hidden switches, among other things.

    3, Charge the battery and be sure there is adequate antifreeze protection for climate conditions that may be encountered along the route and at delivery.

    4, Don't fill the fuel tank, but leave some gas. A quarter tank is ideal.

    5, Review the transporter's policies and, if permited carefully package and secure any loose items in the car's trunk or interior. Make sure they wont't block driver visibility in any direction.


    Dates Event Description
    September 20 - 22, 2009



    26th annual Newport Beach Concours d'Elegance
    St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California, USA

    September 26-27, 2009

    September 26 and 27, 2009
    8:30 a.m to 5 p.m.
    Parking lot opens at 7:30 a.m.
    Gates open at 8 a.m.

    Map of Event
    Events Schedule

    Directions to the NAS (Naval Air Station) North Island:

    From the I-5 South:
    Exit CA-75/Coronado Bay Bridge
    Continue onto 3rd St till the intersection of Alameda Blvd

    From the I-5 North:
    Exit CA-75/Coronado Bay Bridge
    Continue onto 3rd St till the intersection of Alameda Blvd

    September 27 - 29, 2009

    St. Michaels

    The Second Annual St. Michaels Concours d'Elegance
    At The Inn at Perry Cabin, St. Michaels, Maryland

    This year's event will celebrate "The Best of The Best", featuring 50 of the world’s greatest examples of rolling sculpture from the 1900-1942. Art and the automobile will meet with such rare and beautiful examples as Alfa-Romeo, Bugatti, Bentley, Duesenberg, Hispano Suiza, and Rolls-Royce. These wonderful motor cars will be displayed in an elegant setting on the banks of the scenic Miles River, overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.


    September 27, 2009

    Danville d'Elegance

    4th Annual Danville d'Elegance

    The 4th Annual Danville d'Elegance is scheduled for Sunday September 27, 2008. Plan to be here for another great event. With the support of exotic sports car owners, fine auto enthusiasts, and sports car clubs, the 2008 event will continue to highlight some of the finest exotic automobiles past and present.

    Picturesque downtown Danville, CA provides the perfect backdrop for an exciting afternoon spent with friends and family enjoying all that the event offers while raising money to benefit The Parkinson's Institute. In 2007 we proudly presented over 195 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other exotic marquees on display along Hartz Avenue and surrounding streets.

    This year along with the concours judging of Ferrari's, there will also be a paddock featuring historical and vintage automobiles. Enjoy the afternoon tasting some of Northern California's premier wineries along with participation by some of Danville's finest restaurants.




    September 29, 2009


    Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance
    Founder's Park
    at Trump National Golf Club,
    Palos Verdes, California, USA

    October 4 - 5, 2009

    San Antonio Jaguar Club
    16th Annual Alamo City Concours d'Elegance

    Annual Concours to be held in the beautiful historical city of San Antonio, featuring new and vintage Jaguars. Open to all Jaguar club members, and those who have interest in the Jaguar marque. Location TBA

    October 5 - 6 , 2009

    Louisville Concours

    October 6 , 2009

    The Niello Concours at Serrano
    Gold River, California, USA

    October 6, 2009

    30th Annual San Diego British Car Day
    San Diego, California, USA

    October 3 - 5, 2009

    Legends and Legacies
    Barrington and at Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois

    Join us at Arlington Park on Sunday, October 3rd, 2008, for the second annual Barrington Concours d’Elegance, Legends & Legacies. The show will feature a juried exhibition of 100 of the world’s most rare classic, historic, and sports cars in 12 classes. As a new feature in 2008, we will also be featuring a Concours Couture (period dress) class and a motorcycle class. Special Ride & Drive opportunities featuring exciting new vehicles by Bentley and Hyundai and exhibits by various automobile companies will make this a spectacular day for automobile aficionados and families alike.

    October 7-10, 2009

    Barrett Jackson
    Held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

    For nearly four decades, Barrett-Jackson auctions have captured the very essence of what defines the worldwide obsession with cars. Millions of TV viewers. Thousands of collector cars. Coupled with an unparalleled luxury lifestyle experience and the finest art, fashion, jewelry and gourmet cuisine. The legend is unsurpassed in every way. Scottsdale, Palm Beach, Las Vegas. Barrett-Jackson is The World’s Greatest Collector Car Events™.

    October 10-11, 2009


    Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey
    Sale Date: October 10, 2008
    Preview Date: October 9 - 10, 2008
    Location: Hershey Lodge
    West Chocolate Avenue & University Drive, Hershey, PA, 17033

    Following last year’s success, RM is returning to Hershey, Pennsylvania to host the second annual Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey auction in collaboration with the AACA. This sale, taking place October 10th at the Hershey Lodge the weekend of the AACA Eastern Fall Division meet, will feature approximately 100 vintage motor cars spanning back to the pioneering days of the American automotive industry.

    RM is now accepting consignments, for more information call 800-211-4371.


    October 11 - 12, 2009

    Clayton Triangle
    Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
    Jaguars at the Clayton Triangle

    North Brentwood at Forsyth , Clayton, Missouri (St. Louis)

    This show has consistantly been one of the largest jcna concours in the last 20 years. We will once again be closing down the streets of downtown Clayton for our Concours. JAGSL has a reputation for putting on fun shows and we invite any and all to participate. The best weather is in the month of October for St. Louis, so come join the fun. A fun Friday night get together is planned. Information will be updated shortly.

    October 16-18, 2009
    Lake Mirror
    The 2009 Mercedes-Benz Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival will be held in downtown Lakeland, Florida the weekend of October 16-18.
    October 24-27, 2009


    Avila Beach Concours d'Elegance
    Avila Beach, California, USA


    October 31 - November 3, 2009



    Hilton Head Island Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival
    South Carolina, USA


    October 32 November 3, 2009

    Kruse International November Classic
    Join us for the 8th Annual November Classic Collector Car Auction
    Auburn, IN

    November 22-24, 2009

    Keith McCormick Auction

    45th auction, to be held November 22st, 23nd & 24rd 2009 in Palms Springs California, is now open for pre-registration. This event has now been enlarged to accommodate 500+ cars as we previously sold out before our last event. In addition we have now added a Friday night sale of 80 vehicles from 4pm to 9pm. The Friday night sale will be free admission for the general public and free food for all registered bidders.

    November 9-10, 2009


    Roar N' Soar
    Fantasy of Flight , Polk City, FL

    Get Your Speed ON! Join the JCOF and SCJC for a very special Florida 2-Day Slalom and Invitational Car show event during the spectacular "Roar n Soar" Air, Land, and Sea Festival weekend at the unique aviation attraction, Fantasy of Flight. Slalom and vintage car display. Balloon rides, race boats, water skiing show, great food and other special exhibits. See also http://www.fantasyofflight.com
    Located between Tampa and Orlando in Polk City, Florida

    January 10, 2010
    January 12-19, 2010

    Barrett Jackson
    Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event January 12 - 19, 2010

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    January 19-21, 2010

    Gooding & Company

    The Scottsdale Auction

    January 21-22, 2010

    Automobiles of Arizona

    Held annually at the beautiful and majestic Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, RM Auctions Automobiles of Arizona event remains one of the premier events on the collector car calendar, attracting enthusiasts and collectors from around the world to Phoenix each January. Now in its 11th year, the 2010 event will once again feature an unparalleled assortment of over 100 highly desirable and historically significant motor cars.

    April 26-30, 2010

    Western States

    Travel back in time to Hollywood's Golden Era!

    April 26-30, 2010 Santa Monica , CA

    For more information contact: Susan Muir 714-525-6690 or samuir@roadrunner.com: Judy Graven 323-257-9992 or isgjag@earthlink.net




    Maintaining Your Classic for the Winter Season


    • Don't let the winter months cause unnecessary damage to your classic. If you plan to store your classic this winter, follow these simple precautions to keep your baby safe and happy.

      1. Drain the petrol. If you do not, then add a few drops of additive so your gasoline in the tank will not break down or go bad and cause problems to the carburetors or fuel pump. Marvell Mystery Oil is an amazing product and you'll find it works wonders. To add oil to the gas, put a small amount into the cylinders.

      2. Disconnect the battery. If it is very cold, remove the battery completely and place on a trickle charger.

      3. Place your vehicle on jack stands. This will save your tires from getting a flat spot from sitting. If you don't have access to a stand then slightly over inflate the tires to compensate for the amount of time they won't be in use.

      4. Make sure the car has plenty of anti-freeze.

      5. Keep your classic in a dry environment; if possible a climate controlled one. Never store a car on the dirt. When wet it can cause rust. Always try to park your car on the pavement.

      6. Finally, give her one last polish, put a car cover on, say your goodbye, and put her away until you are ready to take the scenic route again.



    In the Next Issue:

    Conclusion and highlights on British Car Day and Jaguar Concours.

    Classic Showcase will be at Scottsdale, RM, and Barrett Jackson auctions. Highlights and photos in the next issue.

    Updates on Restorations in progress and Ask Tom.

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    Toll-Free: (800) 444-JAGS (5247)
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