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SAN DIEGO JAGUAR CLUB Concours d'Elegance

Spanish Landing, San Diego July 14, 2018

The 54th Annual San Diego Jaguar Club Concours was set against yet another spectacular day in beautiful San Diego. This is a JCNA-sanctioned event that is conducted by certified Judges that adhere to the JCNA rulebook for judging all cars equal. Spanish Landing is a great park to display and show these classic Jaguars. To make an event such as this run seamlessly, a lot of volunteers are needed from judges, scorekeepers, scrutineers, apprentice judges, and score sheet runners.

The 21 judges grouped by club were:

IEJC: Mike Zavos

JOCLA: Charlie Hallums, Mark Mayuga, Ed Sowell, Eric Gruver, and Bob Sheridan

SDJC: Dave Allen, Rick Annis, Dick Cavicke, Mitch Cohen, Don Harrington, Robert Huntoon, Tom Krefetz, Will Nighswonger, Paul Novak, Katherine Partain, Dave Putnam, Jim Singmaster, Al Steele, Nedra Rummell and Bill Woolley

The three Scorekeepers were: Dawn Boese, Jim Boese and Diane Bauman.

The six Scrutineers were: Dave Allen, Dick Cavicke, Mitch Cohen, Robert Huntoon, Mark Mayuga. Katherine Partain and Mike Zavos

The Apprentice Judges were: Diane Bauman (SDJC) and Layna Browdy (JOCLA).

The Score Sheet Runner was: Matt Allen

There was a total of 58 entrants, 32 of them judged, and 26 for display.

Arrival and Set Up

Judging on the Show Field

The Winners