Question 01: I’ve heard that an E-type does not have a frame that it has a Monocoque.  What is a Monocoque?

Tom's Answer: From the front Buckhead rearward, the body was a monocoque.  The Buckhead was attached forward by a tubular front sub-frame.  The monocoque consisted of two main tubes, made up of the sills inner/outer between front and rear wheel arches. It was a very unique design done by Jaguar early on.

Question 02: I live in CA and I heard something about getting Year of Manufacture (YOM) plates for classic cars. What are those, and how does it work? 

Tom's Answer: YOM Plates are any officially manufactured California License plates which are at least 25 years old, and plates on a currently registered vehicle, or trailer of a corresponding model year. Kit cars of vintage automobiles do not qualify for YOM plates. Base year plates must have the appropriate year validation sticker attached to be authenticated as other than base year (e.g., 1956 plate with a 1958 sticker = 1958 plate). Vehicles registered with YOM plates have full operating privileges. YOM plates must be supplied by the vehicle owner and be authenticated by DMV personnel. The department does not have year model information for all historical vehicles; therefore, it is the YOM applicant's responsibility to prove year model of vehicle described in the application Here is a link the the application:

Question 03: What do you recommend in regards to car covers?

Tom's Answer: If it will be just for coverage in the garage, then a light cotton or flannel cover is fine. However if you own a roadster with a cloth top, I do not recommend flannel because it will get lint on the top, which we recommend you keep up when not driven to keep the back window wrinkle free. I do not recommend outside storage but if it is a cover for water and other elements outside, then you need a really durable heavy cover but those can be bulky and cumbersome for travel and storage.

Question 04: Can anyone point me to a definitive list of *ALL* the various XK cylinder head colors and which cars/models (i.e. XK-120 v. XK-120SE, or E-Type v. 4.2L E-Type, etc.) they went on?

Tom's Answer: The logic behind Jaguar's color-coding of its cylinder heads of the late 1950s and early 1960s can be difficult to fathom and sources often get it wrong. It can be determined from Heiner Stertkamp’s reference that the color-coding follows the pattern listed below. The only real anomaly is that the earliest 3.8-liter E-Types had an orange (Pumpkin) painted head (because they had 3 carburetors) but later changed to gold (because they had straight-port heads). Gold paint signified a straight port triple-carburetor setup from then until the demise of the Mark X.

  • Silver/bare aluminum: 3.4 A-type head (Standard XK 120, XK 140 and MKVII with two H6 carburetors), and Silver for late 4.2 head Series 1 ½/Series II XKEs.
  • Red: 3.4-liter with C-type head and 2 carburetors.
    (XK 120 C and XK 140SE/M only)
  • Light duck egg blue and later light green: 3.4-liter with B-type head and 2 carburetors (may appear as light blue, light green or light blue-green)
  • Dark blue metallic: 3.8-liter with B-type head and 2 carburetors
  • Orange (Pumpkin): 3.4 and 3.8-liter with "Straight-port" head and 3 carburetors AND earliest 3.8-liter with straight-port head and 3 carburetors
  • Gold: later 3.8-liter and all 4.2-liter (until 420G and Series 2 E-Type) with straight-port head and 3 carburetors.

Cars with the straight-port head and only two carburetors did not have painted head.

Question 05: I was wondering how you determine the value of a classic car when you are trying to buy or sell...

Tom's Answer:
We use "CPI" which is published by Black Book. It is an incredible, informative price guide and reference, and we highly recommend it!

Think your'e a Jaguar expert? Test your knowledge with our Jaguar Facts Quiz!

When the first ever Jaguar was revealed, Sir William Lyons (founder of Jaguar Cars) asked guests of the launch event to speculate on how much the SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre Saloon would cost. The average guess was 632 Pounds.
In fact, it cost?

A. 385 Pounds
B. 785 Pounds
C. 985 Pounds

For the 1938 British Motor Show, Lyons penned a coupe version of the SS100. With beautiful sweeping curves and Art Deco detailing it proved a sensation. How many were built?

A. 1
B. 100
C. 500

Steve McQueen owned a Jaguar XKSS and kept it for 10 years before selling it. Clearly regretting his decision, McQueen later bought the car back and owned it until his death. How many XKSS cars were produced in total?

A. 16
B. 36
C. 26

The XJ220 was developed by an informal group of Jaguar employees known as the ‘Saturday Club’ who, as the name suggests, dedicated their spare time to special projects. Why was the car called the XJ220? 

A. Its planned top speed was 220 mph.
B. They built 220 of them.
C. Its 2.2-liter engine.

Sir Williiam Lyons’daughter was co-driver of ‘NUB 120’ the most famous competition XK120 ever. Her husband Ian Appleyard drove it to three Alpine Cup victories and two RAC Rally wins. Her first name was:

A. Pat
B. Margaret
C. Esmerelda

Upcoming Events

September 26th, 2015

Meals on Wheels 6th Annual English Motors at Fairbrooks, Fallbrook

We look forward to seeing you at the seventh annual event on September 26, 2015 for the tour and September 27, 2015 for the judged show.

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September 27, 2015

Santa Fe Concorso - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Celebrated Themes:

Ferrari in America | Harley Earl vs. Bill Mitchell | Boyd Coddington Hot Rods

Traditional Vehicle Classes:

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Santa Fe Concorso is pleased to announce that Luigi (Coco) Chinetti, Jr. will be participating in our 2015 Concorso as a judge and speaker at the Friday afternoon Legends event.

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October 11, 2015

British Car Day at the Embarcadero - San Diego

This is primarily a driving event. Depart at 10:00 and enjoy a roughly 1.5 hour drive through the back country of east San Diego County. After leaving the I-15 area there are almost no traffic signals. There are significant hills to climb so older car might want to bring spare coolant.

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October 23- November 1, 2015

Hilton Head Motoring Festival and Concours

Known best for its white sandy beaches and, what seems like, its infinite number of golf courses, it’s something else that takes center stage on the tranquil barrier island Halloween weekend - world class automobiles. Playing host to some of the country's finest collector automobiles, Hilton Head Island sets a beautiful backdrop with its majestic live oaks and draping Spanish moss.

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October 25-30, 2015

Mountain Mille at the Greenbrier, Great Smokies

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October 31, 2015

Jaguar Club of Southern AZ Concours D’Elegance

The Concours d’Elegance will take place on Saturday October 31 at St Philips Plaza (Campbell and River) The Spanish patio style location is delightful, with fountains, flower pots and shady trees. Around the patio are small shops and superb restaurants. Cars should arrive between 0730 and 0830 am with cars being parked beginning at 0800. Registration check-in will be held adjacent to the hotel lobby.  Coffee and rolls will be available.  Judging will begin at 10 am and will be completed by 12 noon. Owners must be present when their car is judged.

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November 11-14, 2015

Auctions America at Hilton Head, SC

Auctions America will proudly assume the role as the official auction house of the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance when it presents its all-new Hilton Head Island Auction, October 31 in South Carolina. A featured attraction of the Hilton Head Island motoring festival, the new sale will be held at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa and feature approximately 100 investment-grade vehicles. From American classics to European sports cars, the offering will span the spectrum of the market, shining a spotlight on a broad variety of automotive styling and engineering.

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November 11-14, 2015

Mecum @ Anaheim Convention Center

The company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for 27 years, now offering more than 15,000 vehicles per year and averaging more than one auction each month. Established by President Dana Mecum in 1988, Mecum Auctions remains a family-run company headquartered in Walworth, Wis.

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November 19, 2015

Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auctions - New York City

Inaugural “Rolling Sculpture” Auction

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November 20-22, 2015

McCormick’s Auction-The Spa Resort Casino, downtown Palm Springs, CA

Keith McCormick's relentless dedication to excellence and integrity has produced one of the most prestigious, respected, and successful car auctions in America. The Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions
are held in November and February each year on the grounds of the Spa Resort Casino in beautiful downtown Palm Springs.

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December 10, 2015

RM Sotheby's Driven by Disruption Auction - New York City

Following a momentous debut in 2013, RM Sotheby’s returns to New York City for the second iteration of its watershed Art of the Automobile exhibition and auction. Previously slated for November, the 2015 event will now take place December 10 in the Sotheby’s 10th floor galleries,  - coinciding with one of the most spectacular times of the year in New York City.

Entitled Driven By Disruption, the December auction will showcase the extremes of motoring history and the molds that were broken by engineers and designers pushing the automotive envelope. Whether it be a stunningly beautiful coachbuilt automobile, a wild, untraditional design, or a marvel of high performance engineering, the auction will exclusively focus on creatively styled, pioneering automobiles. All entries will be handpicked for their rarity, significance to design, engineering, and the outstanding achievement they represent in automotive history.

With an extraordinary $63 million in sales achieved in 2013, Driven by Disruption is set to amplify these past results, , lifting the gavel on a carefully curated selection of 30 iconic vehicles, along with a select range of automotive-themed artwork. As a prelude to the exclusive evening auction on December 10, a six-day exhibition will open the weekend of December 5 in Sotheby’s 10th floor galleries.

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January 7, 2016

Bonham’s Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

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January 15-23, 2016

Mecum Auctions at Kissimmee, Florida

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January 20-24, 2016

Cavallino Classic Invitational

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January 23-31, 2016

Barrett-Jackson Auctions - Scottsdale, AZ

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January 24, 2016

Arizona Concours d’Elegance at the Arizona Biltmore Resort

The Arizona Concours is thrilled to have the spectacular grounds of The Arizona Biltmore serve as the setting for its Concours d’Elegance. Since 1929, The Arizona Biltmore has been a destination of inspiration. Set on 39 acres of gardens, swimming pools and iconic architecture that stirs a city to life, the resort provides a spectacular setting for vintage automobiles, and plays muse to guests’ whims and wishes. Championship golf, a spa and fitness center, multiple restaurants, and a variety of amenities await you. Experience the unrivaled grace of this timeless treasure with a spirited soul.

More Info Here

January 28-29, 2016

RM/Sotheby's Auctions - Phoenix, AZ

The collector car auction season always starts on a strong note, with RM Sotheby’s returning to the vibrant grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix on January 28–29 for its 17th annual Arizona sale. The two-day auction will build on RM’s strongest performance in Arizona to date in 2015, an event which generated an incredible $63.7 million in sales, representing a nearly 40 percent increase over 2014. The 2015 event was also witness to the most valuable automobile sold in Arizona auction history: a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM that achieved an outstanding $9,625,000.

RM Sotheby’s 2016 Arizona sale is set to continue the company’s strong track record in Phoenix, as it will present more than 100 blue-chip automobiles from the world’s most iconic marques. The vehicles have been hand-selected by RM’s international team of specialists, and the catalogue will span the spectrum of the market, from pre-war classics through to important sports and racing cars and contemporary supercars.

More Info Here

January 28-30, 2016

Silver Auctions - Scottsdale, AZ

Silver has skillfully established a solid reputation for auctioning affordable collector cars in this January-in-Arizona extravaganza. Silver's auction continues to grow each year because it is filling a much-needed auction alternative. Thousands of buyers and sellers want an auction where they can buy and sell in an arena that they are personally comfortable in. Silver provides that alternative for the greater Phoenix area since 1992. Silver's Fort McDowell auction offers real buyers and sellers, real cars and real deals.

More Info Here

January 29-30, 2016

Gooding Auctions - Scottsdale, AZ

An ideal winter destination, Gooding & Company has brought a refined approach to the well-established and thriving marketplace of Scottsdale. Adjacent to the Fashion Square Mall and charming Old Town Scottsdale, Gooding & Company’s sale has consistently offered a collection that stands apart with stunning examples across many marques and eras. Beginning Wednesday, view the diverse high-quality assortment of vehicles up for auction and connect with Gooding & Company’s top-notch staff and fellow collectors. Over the past seven years, Gooding & Company has consistently set the mark for the collector car year in Scottsdale, with records that reimagine what is possible in the market. In the lively atmosphere that is Arizona Auction Week, Gooding & Company stands apart with an unparalleled sell-through rate of exceptional automobiles that often become the talk of the town and beyond.

More Info Here

February 26-28, 2016

McCormick’s Auction-The Spa Resort Casino, downtown Palm Springs, CA

Keith McCormick's relentless dedication to excellence and integrity has produced one of the most prestigious, respected, and successful car auctions in America. The Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions are held in November and February each year on the grounds of the Spa Resort Casino in beautiful downtown Palm Springs.

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March 26-28, 2016

Amelia Island, Florida Concours D'Elegance

The show's founder and chairman is responsible for designing a class list that thrills from year to year. Show marques and themes are developed several years in advance and this year's class list is no exception.  We are sure that attendees will once again enjoy the variety he has assembled.

More Info

April 23-24, 2016

Keels and Wheels Concours D'Elegance, Seabrook, Texas

Keels & Wheels established itself among the nations top concours events while in pursuit of multiple goals. The goals include raising significant funds for the charities the show supports, $1.4 million so far, while producing the best possible event that would draw participants and spectators from every corner of the country and even Europe. Side benefits have included an economic impact of over $3.5 million each year on the local community while simultaneously raising national awareness of Seabrook.

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