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Our Quarterly Q&A Session
with TOM KREFETZ of Classic Showcase



Why are some classic car marquees going up in value greater than others?

What a great question. The classic cars have hot and cool spells and become popular from the media (editorials, printed articles, television car programs, car shows and car clubs.) This publicity creates a stimulation in the market and thus the interest in certain cars for the collectors. If the vehicle is part of a limited production that was of a low numbers produced, then the value would be higher on that kind of vehicle than if it was a higher production run vehicle.


If a Jaguar is painted a different color than the original color, does this lower the value of the vehicle?

If the original documentation from the car, i.e. certification of authenticity or manufacturers documentation designates a paint code or specific color, it is best to keep the car that color for retaining the highest value. If the color is not an attractive color, you may want to paint it a more appealing color to wider spectrum of collector. If you decided to paint the car a color that was offered in that year, and paint everything on the car that color, then it should not decrease the value. There is another scenario where if you painted the car a color that was appealing to the general mass of other people or if the color was an interesting color, then this could also help retain the highest value of the vehicle.


I’ve heard that an E-type does not have a frame that it has a Monocoque. What is a Monocoque?

This refers to an XKEs body shell, which is a monocoque body, which replaces a typical car’s frame. It is located from the front Bulkhead rearward. The Bulkhead was attached forward by a tubular front sub-frame, and consists of two main tubes, made up of the sills inner/outer, stiffening panels, cross member, all located between the front and rear wheel arches. This structure is very solid and was used on the Jaguar D-Type in racing before the E-Type was designed. 


What kind of items should I have in my trunk for an emergency?

Do yourself a favor and save some room in your trunk for the following items. They could turn a potential trip-wrecker into nothing more than an unexpected pit stop:

01. Basic hand tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches of various sizes 
02. Jumper cables
03. A jack and tire iron / knock off hammer
04. Inflated spare tire as a back up
05. Water for both the radiator and yourself
06. Emergency flares and reflectors
07. Blanket and towel
08. Flashlight
09. A few quarts of engine oil (2 is good)
10. Spare parts if you are going a long distance, like spark plugs,
belts, ignition parts, etc.


Will my Jaguar E-type increase in value after
I restore it?

Generally speaking, the rarer the car and the better the restoration, the greater the chance of increasing in value. If the car was in very good condition before the restoration, then you might be able to perform a minimal restoration to it, therefore keeping your expenses in line, which should also be cost effective. Overall, Jaguars have been doing very well with certain models, increasing even greater in value.