Hagerty Track Day

January 25, 2020: It was a beautiful day at the Laguna Seca race track in Salinas, CA. Hagerty Insurance sponsored a "Track Day" event, which for a small entry fee enabled you to participate in sessions on the track, with snacks and lunch included. The entire track was made open for the event. It featured 3 categories, each having their own sessions based on skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In each session, they provided experienced coaches to ride with you in the car and give you pointers on how to drive on the track.

The event starts in the morning, with a mandatory driver’s orientation discussing rules, and regulations. This helps drivers participating in the event to understand the various track procedures, flags, noise zones, and other things on the track they may encounter.

It was exciting to take out your own car out on a racing track of this stature and be thrust into the role of a race car driver. Being in control of your car at high speeds and making decisions such as shifting, turning and positioning for the best handling was both thrilling and rewarding. There are more events similar to this one that will take place across the country.