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Spring 2020 Newsletter

How To Store And Maintain Collector Car Tires.

It's ideal when you can buy a set of tires and wheels for your collector vehicle and get the instant gratification of bolting them into place.

However, it may not always work out that way, so storing tires in a cool, dry location is advised.

Whitewall tires should never be leaned against each other or stacked up without a protective barrier (cardboard, plastic, etc.) as the black rubber can cause permanent stains on the whitewall. It's best to leave them in their plastic wrapping until it's time to install them on the car. 

When you're ready to install the tires, leave the blue whitewall protectant in place until the tire shop is finished. This will protect the whitewall from fingerprints and grease stains. We offer whitewall cleaner to keep your wide whites looking great for the lifeĀ­time of the tire. 

Once the tires are on your car, there are a few steps for proper maintenance. It's a good idea to check your air pressure regularly, as low air pressure is the leading cause of tire failure. Every car is different, but our tire experts can help you dial in your air pressure for optimal ride quality, treadwear and safety. Inspect your tires regularly for cosmetic or structural damage, such as dry rot or damage from a road hazard.