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A: Do yourself a favor and save some room in your trunk for the following items. They could turn a potential trip-wrecker into nothing more than an unexpected pit stop:

1. Basic hand tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches of various sizes
2. Jumper cables
3. A jack and tire iron / knock off hammer
4. Inflated spare tire as a back up
5. Water for both the radiator and yourself
6. Emergency flares and reflectors
7. Blanket and towel
8. Flashlight
9. A few quarts of engine oil (2 is good)
10. Spare parts if you are going a long distance, like spark plugs, belts, ignition parts, etc.. 



A: Due to the fact that copies of the proposed JCNA XK120 Judging Guide were not available for delegates to read before the conference, the JCNA XK120 Judging Guide was approved for "trial use" at 2018 JCNA concours judging events. The JCNA XK120 Judging Guide will be re-presented for official approval at the 61st AGM in 2019.



A: White walls can quickly become discolored from dirt, grime and oils. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to remove the grime and return them to white once again.

You Will Need:
• Black Magic Bleche-Wite (or other similar products that are available) (cleaning)
• SOS pads (cleaning, stains or blemishes)
• Baking soda (blemishes or brightening)
• “Magic Eraser” (stains or brightening)
• Scrub brush or Scrubbing pad (ex: Scotch Brite)

Steps to Clean the Whitewalls:
Begin by selecting a cleaning product from the list above. These are readily available in most automotive departments, as well as automotive supply stores. For general road dirt removal, use a whitewall tire cleaner like Black Magic Bleche-Wite. SOS pads work well for general cleaning, as well as for blemishes and stain removal on whitewalls.

To brighten the white, use either baking soda or a “ Magic Eraser”
• To use Black Magic Bleche-Wite, follow the instructions on the label.
• To use an SOS pad, wet the tire and pad.
• To use a Magic Eraser, wet the tire and the eraser.
• To use baking soda, wet the tire and sprinkle baking soda onto a damp cloth.
Now, it just takes some elbow grease and time. Scrub the debris from the tire using your cleaner.
Rinse frequently with water to check your progress.
Reapply the cleaner as needed and rinse the scrubbing pad frequently as well.
Once the whitewall is clean, rinse thoroughly with water and dry.

**Though cleaners such as Comet work well, they can dry out the tire, which can lead to early wear. Products that contain chlorine bleach or alcohol should not be used for that reason. Chlorine bleach also can dull black rubber.
For the easiest cleaning, keep on top of the white walls, cleaning them every week or two. These frequent cleanings will allow for shorter, easier cleaning times.