Paint correction and ceramic coating Services from Classic Showcase

Roger Pollock, has been detailing professionally for 22 years. He has been trained by a IDA (International Detailing Association) board member and have earned many certifications over the years. He is proficient on autos, motorcycles, marine craft, RV, and aircraft. His vast experience in the industry and his keen attention to detail have attributed to his success. His work has been showcased and awarded at some of the most exclusive concours events around the country. 

For many years we have been asked - do ceramic coatings really work and why should I get a ceramic coating? First I want to outline my history with utilizing and dealing with Si02 coating systems. I was one of the first users of Si02 coatings for private and commercial use in this industry over 12 years ago. Before that, this technology was utilized for military use much like clear bra PPF(paint protection film) was used. I have utilized these coatings on a plethora of different applications that underwent a plethora of different real world conditions. Some were daily drivers, show cars, off roaders, race vehicle applications, seasonal marine craft, long term use marine craft, some were exposed to hot weather conditions, cold climates, harsh weather conditions, etc etc. In that time I have documented and monitored all of my customers coating applications. This has allowed me to really test their potential, and to see if they really are a viable option for protection. I am also one of the very few if not the only installer of ceramic coatings to use 7 different professional brand coatings. 

What this means is I have the exclusive ability to advise customers which brand of coating and level of coating system works best for their application. In the end, due to my vast experience you can take my advice knowing it is coming from a solid dispassionate source. I will never use something that I do NOT believe in!  To answer that question, does it make sense to you to protect your valuables? Do you think having insurance is a good idea? If the answers to these questions is a “yes” then I highly recommend protecting your assets with a ceramic coating. Remember, it is not a matter of if something happens that is out of my control; it is a matter of when. Also let me caveat that by saying I can actually coat anything. It isn’t just limited to methods of transportation. I have coated purse collections, shoe collections, watch collections, peoples home appliances, kitchens and bathrooms, huge tool boxes, industrial applications like tubes and piping, tractors and other construction equipment, etc  


The following are benefits of having a ceramic coating:

● Unparalleled durability
● Self cleaning effect 
● Transparent gloss 
● Temperature protection range -50 to 2200 degrees F 
● Chemical resistance  
● UV protection against oxidation and corrosion 
● Flexibility for surfaces that tend to flex, expand, and contract

● Proper insurance providers recognize these coatings as vehicle add-ons which means they will cover the cost of the coating application in case of an accident or even a total loss. Your vehicles value should also be evaluated as excellent private party value.
● Unparalleled warranty programs 
● Lifetime comprehensive protection 
● Unparalleled durability- harder to scratch, harder to stain, harder to cause damage

● Decrease in maintenance and easy to maintain
● Keeps assets cleaner for longer  
● Unparalleled slickness and hydrophobicity
● World-wide network of installers means you can be taken care of anywhere at any time.
● No more waxing every week or month or whatever frequency you preferred. This saves you time and money.