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Classic Car Auctions

scottsdaleThis quarter we are preparing several spectacular cars for the Phoenix and Scottsdale auctions in January. Gooding & Co will be having a Saturday afternoon auction, their first inaugural event in Scottsdale. We are bringing two fabulous E-types for sale, one roadster and one coupe. At the RM auction in Phoenix, we're going to have two spectacular cars. One of them will be our 356 Speedster, and the other car will be our '67 XKE Series I OTS. The Speedster has recently been acquired from an owner of 40 years, and this is going to be a great opportunity for the Porsche collector to have a wonderful, original car. The Jaguar is a 1 owner vehicle that has only 30,484 original miles and comes with a heritage certificate. We will also be well represented at Russo & Steele and Barrett-Jackson. We look forward to seeing you there. In our next newsletter, we will report the results of these classic car auctions.

Service Department Expansion


Classic Showcase is pleased to announce the expansion of our service department! We have added two indoor lifts to increase productivity and to carefully lift delicate vehicles. These lifts are excellent for lifting exotic vehicles up to 7,000 lbs.

We are happy to help arrange having your car shipped in enclosed transport by Blue Highways, Intercity to our facility, who will be very careful with your classic. Your vehicle can be picked up, serviced, and returned to its home with no hassle or fuss. With our modern systems and database, we keep detailed records of each customer's vehicle. We will notify you of maintenence that should be performed. The scheduled maintenance can be done when the vehicle is not in use. This will help you to have maximum enjoyment of your vehicle when you're ready and will keep you in close touch with us. We will help maintain your car as it should be.

Restoration in Progress

1964 Chervolet Impala SS

This year Classic Showcase had the pleasure of restoring this fantastic car. It is now going to the owner. The owner has been excited about taking delivery of his car. This vehicle has been off the road for over 20 years. This is a car that as a child he remembers his father driving him around in and has a lot of fond memories. Many years ago the car was stolen, and ended up in Jacksonville, Florida on the sandy beach with no wheels and stripped out. It was rusting away. When it was stolen, so many parts were rendered unusable that a donor car was needed to complete restoration. We have upgraded this Impala to air conditioning and hydro turbo automatic 3-speed transmission. We were very happy to restore this Impala back to show room condition and provide a DVD of the documented restoration.

1967 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 OTS

This car is currently being restored by Classic Showcase to a show driver level. This is a comprehensive nut and bolt restoration with much attention to fit and detail. Please check our website often for updates. The Series I 4.2 is the most user friendly, best driver, and most collectable of the series E-Types. This wonderful car has a matching numbers 4.2 liter engine with 3 SU carburetors and a fully synchronized transmission. Some of the features of this model are covered headlights, toggle switches, full instrumentation with styling and design that was way ahead of its time, center console, arm rests, and full synchronization transmission. Please look out for the next newsletter that will have completed photos.

Auction & Concours


The Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival is a four-day festival of cars that culminates with the Concours on Sunday. Thursday and Friday are “Track Days” at Roebling Road, and Saturday is the “Car Club Jamboree.” The Jamboree is a “let your hair down” day, the tailgate party before the Concours, with cars and events of broad interest to the general public, car enthusiasts and their families alike. Part of what makes the Hilton Head Festival so special is its venue, the Coastal Discover Museum at Honey Horn, a historic setting for these antique cars. The venue and the event have grown side by side. The venue for this Concours is a meadow framed with giant live oaks, pine trees and restored historic buildings. With tents dotting the landscape, it is reminiscent of a county fair, albeit a more sophisticated one. If this setting imparts an aura of casual friendliness, then it fits perfectly the attitude of our 400 volunteers and staff who present this event. This event also featured a XK 120 Alloy that Classic Showcase restored over 11 years ago, and it is still winning trophies.

xk120 xk120 xk120

Ask Tom

If you have a question or comment for Tom, please e-mail us.

Q I’m interested in a restoration of my Triumph 3A, but I am confused on what level of restoration I should have you restore my car to.  Please help?
Mark Smallwood, Salt Lake City, UT

A Well Mark, ask yourself several questions.  Do you want to drive the car or show it?  Do you want it as a daily driver, or drive it occasionally?  Do you want performance upgrades or improvements or keep it stock like when it was new? 


Q I have a 1972 Porsche 911 and the original tires were 185/70/15.   In the 70’s & early 80’s, you could buy these tires anywhere for around $40 each.  Today you pay over $200 a tire.  How can I get the original tires? 
Janice Jacobs, Las Vegas, NV

A The retail tire stores today specialize in the current tires of today for modern cars. The only people who sell this size tire are specialty tire houses. Specialty shops bought the molds for certain major tires, producing them in small quantities, and they have captured the market.  In order to get these correct sized tires, you have to pay a premium price.  There is not enough demand for the classic tires to be made by anyone other than the specialty shops. Therefore we suggest that you buy the tires from speciality tire shops such as Coker tire or Lucas tire.


Q What is the difference in purchasing original parts vs. after market parts?
Jackson Snow, Miami, FL

A An original part, known as O.E.M., is most of the time manufactured better than the after market part. The OEM parts work the way the manufacturer intended.   The after market parts are usually inferior, do not fit, do not work, and do not last a long time.  An original part keeps your car original, fits, and works better. OEM will be to your advantage if your car is original and has significant value.


Upcoming Events

Classic Car Concours
January 13

1100 Coast Blvd, La Jolla
California, USA


Barrett-Jackson Auction
January 12 to 20

Arizona, USA

Collector Automobile Auctions
January 16 to 20

Arizona, USA

Phoenix-Scottsdale Tour
January 20

Arizona, USA

Automobiles of Arizona
January 18

Arizona, USA

Gooding & Company Auction
January 19

Arizona, USA

Grand National Roadster Show
January 25 to 27

California, USA

Collector Cars of Fort Lauderdale
February 15 to 17

Fort Lauderdale
Florida, USA

Palm Springs Auction
February 22 to 24

Palm Springs
California, USA

Atlantic City Classic Car Show & Auction
February 28 to March 2

Atlantic City
New Jersey, USA

Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance
March 7-9

Amelia Island
Florida, USA

Automobiles of Amelia Island
March 8

Amelia Island
Florida, USA

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
March 27 to 29

Florida, USA


This event will celebrate JCNA's 50th Anniversary. Classic Showcase will sponsor the Rally. It will be a spectular event for all clubs and members of JCNA. We encourage you to attend this event. Don't miss it!

JCNA Western States 2008

July 28 to August 1

Grand Junction
Colorado, USA

Winter Car Storage

Don't let the winter months cause unnecessary damage to your classic.  If you plan to store your classic this winter, follow these simple precautions to keep your baby safe and happy.

snow jag

1. Drain the petrol.  If you do not, then add a few drops of additive so your gasoline in the tank will not break down or go bad and cause problems to the carburetors or fuel pump.  Marvell Mystery Oil is an amazing product and you'll find it works wonders.  To add oil to the gas, put a small amount into the cylinders.

2. Disconnect the battery.  If it is very cold, remove the battery completely and place on a trickle charger.

3. Place your vehicle on jack stands.  This will save your tires from getting a flat spot from sitting.  If you don't have access to a stand then slightly over inflate the tires to compensate for the amount of time they won't be in use.

4. Make sure the car has plenty of anti-freeze.

5. Keep your classic in a dry environment; if possible a climate controlled one.  Never store a car on the dirt.  When wet it can cause rust.  Always try to park your car on the pavement.

6. Finally, give her one last polish, put a car cover on, say your goodbye, and put her away until you are ready to take the scenic route again.

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