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A Classic Showcase Restoration


Manufactured on October 13th, 1961, this Open Two-Seater was the 781st E-Type Roadster built and comes with the early, desirable features like flat floors and welded louvers. Its first owner was Thomas Edward Britt who purchased this XKE out of Jaguar Cars New York.

Our team is nearly completed with the restoration process on this Roadster and is performing a rotisserie-restoration to bring it back to factory standards and elevate the car to Show-level! It's not every day that a first-generation E-Type with such a high degree of originality, and sought-after features like flat floors and welded louvers comes along, but Classic Showcase has found such a car, and were very excited about the restoration of such a rare and unique piece of Jaguar history. 

Included in the restoration process, the vehicle has been dissembled, and the interior has been removed and documented, the body has been stripped to bare metal and placed on a rotisserie, the body has been body worked, metal finished, fitted, and leaded as needed, and all body parts and chrome were fitted to the car in bare metal; It has been primered, sealed, had a base coat and clear coat applied, and then color sanded and buffed to a beautiful finish. The XKE has been repainted in its original Cream exterior with a Dark Blue interior and complimenting Blue top.

All body parts were painted off the car separately. All systems have been gone through and were restored or replaced as necessary. The transmission, clutch, and hydraulic systems were fully restored, or replaced, and the car has received all new rubber, grommets and seals. In addition, the britework has been fitted and re-plated to Show level quality. The car received all new upholstery and has been fitted and installed in the correct materials by master upholsterers in our Upholstery Department. The roadster's parts and components have restored in the proper colors and finishes as well, and NOS parts were used wherever possible.
Extreme attention to detail has being given because of the importance of this early, highly original E-type. A MP4 video of the restoration process, along with a Heritage Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the vehicle. This first generation XKE is truly an amazingly example and is sure to cause a collector and enthusiast sensation at future Concours events; truly for the discerning Jaguar collector demanding the best!

Please stay tuned to our next issue for further updates on the restoration
of this exciting classic Jaguar XKE!