This incredible build is very custom, where everything needs to be fit to the car twice. In the planning and assembly stages it had to be fit. It is unfortunate that the parts availability for this 2-door Sports Coupe are very limited, as  Jaguar and affiliated parts houses do not offer, or make parts for these cars anymore; as such, we are having to resort to worldwide sourcing, and in some cases fabricating these parts ourselves.  Because of the parts supply issues, we have experienced some delays with the restoration, but are staying on course.

For example, the striker plate assembly that parks the wiper arms and blades in the proper position gets installed inside of the dash; the wiper parking mechanism has to go in before we can install the windshield and its chrome, which would then include finishing the interior's headliner. This part is so connected to the proper sequence of assembly, that we can’t even install the fenders until the part is installed.

This sequential process and attention to detail illustrates just how challenging a normal restoration, let alone a customized restoration can be. Please stay tuned to our next newsletter for exciting updates to this special one of kind of car.