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Preparing your Jaguar
for long-term storage

A checklist for prepping your car for a needed rest

  • If you are going to park your E-Type for the winter, not all the following steps are necessary. In that case, you would only have to do steps 1, 3, 5, 10, 13, & 14. However, many people store their cars planning a short stay, but it ends up sitting much longer. These steps are also good for project cars that will not be finished for a few years.
  • Fill up the gas tank full to prevent condensation. Add a gas preservative additive when the tank is about half full to keep the gas from going bad over time.
  • Use a product called Engine Fog and spray into the intake of the carbs. It is supposed to coat the cylinder walls with lubricant. Otherwise, a lesser alternative is to pump oil with a pump spray in a mist into the carb intakes until the engine about stalls and then shut it off.
  • Jack the car up off the ground and put on jack stands to keep from ruining the tires and take the wheels off.
  • Give the car a good wax job and coat most unpainted and unchromed metals in a light coating of oil.
  • Disconnect and remove the battery.
  • Cover the car in a cotton car cover if available.
  • Drain and replace all fluids including the clutch and brake fluids. (If not silicone brake fluid - you should drain and replace 1x every two years)
  • Leave it out of gear if a manual and in park if automatic.
  • Coat the rotors in a fine coating of fluid made for coating brake rotors. Usually in a spray can.
  • Leave the emergency/parking brake off.
  • Leave the windows cracked just about 1/2" to allow some air.
  • Coat and clean all the leather a good leather treatment.
  • Top off all fluids including radiator fluid.
  • Take preventative measures for mice/rats by using an ultrasonic repeller, traps, or the like.