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A Classic Showcase Client Restoration

In the summer of 2017, our client sent his newly found matching-numbers XKE project to us for an inspection and eventual comprehensive Show-Driver rotisserie restoration. His goals were to take the XKE back to its original color combination. Jaguar offered several beautiful Opalescent colors to choose from back in the 1960s, and the car's original color of Opalescent Dark Green is one that you very rarely see, and is extremely striking. The client also desired to make several improvements to the roadster to make it a better handling and driving experience. This car will live in Northern California and experience all the great open roads the region offers. 

This example was acquired from the previous owner’s estate in Nevada, where it was stored in an outbuilding for the last two decades. Originally finished in Opalescent Green, it received a respray in black sometime around the mid-1990’s. It had 75,542 miles showing on the odometer, which is believed to be original.

The refinished body was straight and true but had plenty of oxidation and debris present from two decades of storage, although the outbuilding is reported to have been climate controlled. The bonnet was solid with straight seams, and without any evidence of previous repair work. All the glass, including the Triplex headlight covers showed to be well preserved, without any cracks or delamination visible.

• Rotisserie Restored

• Stripped to bare metal, fit body and chrome, color sanded and buffed, installed new rubber and seals, and painted the parts separately off the vehicle.

• Prepped and painted body, color sanded and buffed.

• Major systems and components were rebuilt, restored, serviced, or replaced as needed.

• Restored the frame, suspension, hydraulic system, fuel system, cooling system and instruments.

• Installed complete new interior in all correct materials.

• New Biscuit Top and matching Boot fitted and installed.

• Replaced all rubber seals and grommets.

• Restored all mechanical systems.

• Sound deadening installed 

• Installed a stock working period correct radio

• Installed an electronic ignition with a special sport coil

• Installed a special spark plug wire set

• Talbott mirror installed on driver's door

• Original transmission rebuilt and installed, including new synchros, a new layshaft gear, and new bearings.

• Aluminum radiator with auxilliary fan

• 185/15 Michelin Tires