Ask Tom - Spring 2020

QUESTION 1, from Dave in Crescent City, CA:

I have not driven my Series 1 XKE since last November, and have it covered in my garage on

a battery maintainer with gas additive…What do I need to do in the Summer before I start

driving my car?

It’s a great idea to store your car during the Winter season, now you are ready to start waking it up. First, inspect all of the vital signs. Change your fluids. Check your tires for proper air pressure. Check the gas in your tank to make sure that the gas additive worked. If the gas is bad, you’ll need to remove it and put new gas in. Make sure that o rodents have moved in
and nested. Once you take care of these aforementioned items, you can start improving the aesthetics of the car (i.e. polish, clean the chrome, etc.), then start enjoying your car!

QUESTION 2, from Frank in Miami, Florida:

I have an XK 140 with 4-speed and overdrive transmission. My transmission is tired and

needs rebuilding….Should I rebuild my existing transmission or replace with a 5 speed? 

this is a personal choice. For collectability, the matching number trans should stay with the car. But the 4 speed 140 trans is very primitive, and does not have syncro gears, whereas the 5 speed is fully synchronized and much more pleasurable to drive and it gives you the extra gear. It does require a modification of a special bracket to be welded near your frame when the engine and transmission are out of the car…. but well worth the extra effort. 

QUESTION 3, from Sarah in Fullerton, CA:
I would like to be able to play my own digital music library, or stream my Spotify and Apple

Music libraries through my iphone in my 1970 Jaguar XKE?

Good question. You have several options…You can convert your original radio to digital, and have an iphone or android compatible jack installed. Another way would be having a radio blanking plate installed, then install a small amplifier behind it, coupled with a Bluetooth connection that will give you full connectivity to your digital device. Another option would be to purchase an in-dash stereo that features digital device connectivity.

QUESTION 4, from George in Kennebunktport, Maine:

I’m relocating from the Northeast to Southern California, and haven’t driven my 1977 XJ6

sedan in years and I’d like it to make it a dependable, fun, weekend car…What are your

suggestions to achieve this?

When you move out, you may transport your car directly to us, for a 3-4 hour evaluation and written estimate for what should be done to wake up the car, make it dependable and road worthy again. We’ll provide you with a detailed report documented with photos. Then, with your approval we’ll perform the services and improvements to achieve your goal.