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QUESTION from Bob S. in Hollywood, CA:
The pandemic just reached its 1-year anniversary; how has it affected the classic car business & hobby?


The pandemic has presented many challenges to business in general, but we are fortunate that it has affected us in a positive way, as our business has been very busy in the last year. The uncertainty that has occurred because of the pandemic has resulted in many fulfilling their "bucket list", and purchasing classics they have always dreamed of owning. In fact, driving and enjoying these classics is one of the safest ways of having a great experience even in the middle of a global pandemic. As such, our service and restoration work has picked up, as people have decided to wake up thier cars that have been sitting in storage so they may experience the thrill they bring.

QUESTION from James in Chicago, IL: 
What kinds of trends have you noticed in the industry in the last year of the pandemic? What are some of the "hotter" classics getting traction?


Auctions have been showing very strong numbers in the last year, as people are confident in buying, and showing a level of interest in classics the likes of which we have not seen in a number of years. As far as cars and models to be on the lookout for, low-production European marques like Jaguar with good documented histories, as well as exotic European examples like Ferraris are getting a lot of activity. Domestic cars have also done very well, with numerous American muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs in high demand. The internet has helped educate the public about what to look for when purchasing classics, and has also made advancements in online sales and auctions, all of which has a great positive affect for the business and hobby.  

QUESTION from Roger in New York, NY:
What kind of 5 speed can I install in my 1967 Jaguar XKE with little to no modifications?


ANSWER: Here are some options that are commercially available for installation in a Jaguar E-type:

A Gearbox from E-type Fabs - The short tail version is used for SWB cars, while the long tail is available for V12's. The 6-cylinder kit uses the Model S gearbox as the base platform. The kit includes the gearbox, shifter, knob, mount, driveshaft flange, driveshaft and clutch disc. A new heavy-duty bellhousing is supplied.

Cosworth designed MT75, in a specially designed case, installs with only minor modification, comes with most installation parts, and utilizes your original bellhousing.

JT5 (formerly Medatronics) - The JT5 is the most widely used 5 speed conversion for vintage Jaguars.

T5 Tremec 5-Speed Conversion Gearbox. This is a direct replacement for the original Jaguar E-Type transmission.

Borg Warner T5 Worldclass. The BW T5WC is a high-performance version of the familiar BW T5

Getrag gearbox - There are 2 versions of the Getrag 5 speed. The STD version with OD 5th and the "sport" box with direct 5th and dog's leg 1st.

Tremec 3550. This is a very high-performance transmission meant to replace the BW T5 in racing applications.

QUESTION from Rick in Orange, CA:
I've decided that I am ready to purchase my dream car, but cannot pay for it outright; is there a particular finance company that you recommend to a prospective buyer?


ANSWER: Classic Showcase has worked with and recommends to speaking with Woodside Credit. Many of our clients have purchased our vehicles and/or restoration services with various financing options available from Woodside Credit, and as such invite you to take a look at the services they offer on their website: