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in the age of the pandemic...

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With the ongoing global pandemic, the last year has brought many challenges; but the team at Classic Showcase has been hard at work on moving forward with the classic car hobby as a whole. Our team has been restoring, servicing, and making classics available to our clients worldwide that also enjoy the hobby. In the age of the pandemic we live in, many businesses have had to change the way they operate; but here at Classic Showcase, we have always operated by private appointment only. All of the various specialized departments at Classic Showcase take part in social distancing at all times. We are setup in departments that have no more than one person per area to ensure we are in compliance. Our shop is always clean, because we have full time staff members that do this daily. Our cleaning staff also disenfects all touchable surfaces daily throughout the facility. 

The classic car hobby today is different than it was, but in many ways, it is all for the better. Cars are being traded to collectors and selling at market value. You might have noticed that in these times, that the major auction houses have converted to online auctions. Most of the prices that cars are selling for are very realistic for today's unknown market situations. While many of these online auctions are rising in popularity by offering a platform that is covenient for collectors to use, there is still an uncertainty about whether or not the car you are bidding on is actually the car you believe it to be. In short, online auctions can presents many unknowns and sometimes surprises to the purchaser. Classic Showcase eliminates the unknows, surprises, and dissapointments.

At Classic Showcase, we've been buying, selling, restoring, and servicing classic cars for over 30 years. When you purchase one of our Show/Driver or Show level restored cars, you will not only have a great Blue Chip investment, but a great experience all the way. Our track record with collectors and customers speaks for itself. Whether it's winning on the show field with one of our restored cars, or driving it on your favorite highway and enjoying an exciting ride, or continuing to service your vehicle years after your purchase, we are there for our customers every step of the way. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that our restorations are of the highest quality and dependability, and while we can't control market fluctuations in the industry, we can say that history has shown that our restored vehicles retain their value very well when sold.

and transportation...

Classic Showcase makes long distance purchasing and transporting vehicles directly to you a simple process. We use the best transportation companies in the business, with the most knowledgeable people and properly maintained equipment. Our team supervises the loading of each car, and we forward you photographs and the delivery driver's contact information upon departure. 

Each car is driven, inspected, and detailed by one of our team members prior to your delivery. The property that goes with the purchase is logged in, and properly packed into your new vehicle for transport. Our communication with the buyer is second to none in the business. We will let you know the status of delivery with you each step of the way, and when you receive the car we will answer any questions you may have, then or in the future. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. 


During these times, our team has been busy as ever with service and restoration, and are booked with many restoration projects in the works; whatever services your car may need, the team at Classic Showcase is ready to assist you! Whether it is a complete restoration, or a general service, an upholstery upgrade, having a new top installed, routine service work performed, or a complete engine overhaul, our skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen are ready! All of us at Classic Showcase wish you and yours the best this Spring Season, and hope to see all of you at great events in the future. Happy Motoring!