Client Restorations:

1956 Ford F100

The build of this fabulous F100 is progressing nicely. It has been a daunting project, and an extreme challenge, but working with such a great owner makes the project even that much more exciting. What we mean by that, is that he wants an incredible build, and a truly one of a kind. We agree, and are using the finest parts, systems, and applications available to help create this very unique build.

Since our last newsletter, the frame has been assembled, and the body has been installed for fit, setup, securing of components, and systems for the best placement and functionality. The hood has been a challenge to fit, and make operate properly; but after checking with various sources, we found that setting up hoods for alignment and fit is a common problem with these 1953-1956 F100 models.

As such, a lot of restorers are converting the hoods to open outwards and converting the hinge system; but our team of restorers have chosen to make the stock hood work properly with its brand-new Billet aluminum hinged shock absorber system, which is a beautiful application by itself! All of the electronics have been mounted on a special circuit board that we created that will mount high up in the firewall under the dash on the driver's side and be easily accessible to the fuses and any servicing that may be required. We have wrapped all the wiring in sleeves that will be routed throughout the truck. The F100's custom Billet polished aluminum steering wheel has been wrapped in the same leather as the interior, is very tight to the wheel, and will provide a supple feel when the truck is being driven. We have also created beautiful patterns that are sewn into the seats, along with door panels and a headliner. Our upholsterers have also stitched in a contrasting Maroon thread that will match the truck's final body color within the German woven carpet, all of which has been custom fitted and installed. Please note at the front of the truck that the frame has been cut 3-4 inches so that the bumper will fit flush against the front grill and front-end components.



The owner has selected a pearl Opalescent Metallic Maroon 3-stage paint process as the color, which is extremely exciting and will match nicely with the Tan leather interior. The running boards have been painted and look fantastic as seen in the pictures below, and we are just about ready to disassemble the truck and paint all of its panels separately. Stay tuned to our Summer newsletter for the next update on this exciting build!