Ask Tom - Winter 2019

QUESTION 1, from Bill in Coconut Grove, FL:

I've noticed several Jaguar XKEs on your website that include recessed driving lights in the

Bonnet; I really like the look and am interested in achieving something similar for my XKE.

Is this look easy to replicate on XKEs? How is this look achieved? 

We have fabricated driving light assemblies for XKEs that recess into the front of the bonnet and are very efficient in operation. In fact, the XKEs original factory wire loom includes an extra wire incorporated into it for an auxiliary light system such as this. We are currently in the middle of preparing several assemblies for installation in various alloy and steel bodied bonnets of Series 1 XKEs. Please contact us if you would like to achieve this kind of sleek look for your E-Type.

QUESTION 2, from Bill in Durango, CO:

I have a Jaguar XK-150, and want to restore and show it, but I don't want to receive any point

deductions, or worse - de-value the car. Does changing the color of my classic Jaguar 

deduct points in Jaguar Club of America competition? Will the new paint also result in a 

devaluation of the car? 

You can change the color to any of the official Jaguar colors that were used by the factory
for the year of your car without receiving any deductions. Judges consider all of the "official" color schemes from the factory to be fully authentic. 

QUESTION 3, from Juliana in Encinitas, CA

I see you have quite a few Porsches for sale. My husband has a 356 that has been sitting in our

garage for 5 years and we would like to freshen it up and start preparing it for next Summer.

Do you restore and service Porsches as well? 

Yes, we are very passionate with the Porsche marque, and just as with Jaguars we can perform rotisserie restorations on early 911, 356s, and 912s and many others. If you are interested in restoring the interior, we can trim the car in all of the completely authentic materials they came in, using period correct factory color charts. Our mechanical department is very proficient in these cars, and we have restored many over the years. We also have an excellent network of sources for very difficult and hard to find parts for these cars.

QUESTION 4, from David in Hermosa Beach, CA

With the new year rapidly approaching, what is  your opinion on what classic vehicles you

see as "hot" or otherwise up and coming in the market?

Good question. In the last year, we saw restored classic pickup trucks become highly sought after, as well as Ford Broncos and other interesting 4x4 vehicles. The market has also seen some higher performance Japanese imports like the Toyota Supra and other Turbo models (that in some cases were never for sale in the United States) until now. As such, these cars
are starting to bring in big dollars.