About the Jaguar and its restoration

Our team is in the process of performing a Show/Driver level restoration this 1966 Jaguar E-Type Coupe, and the restoration is progressing quite nicely. This E-Type appeared to be an original California car due to the “J66” added to its VIN (something exclusive to E-Types sold in California back then) and benefited from nearly 40 years of single ownership by an elderly Jaguar enthusiast in Colorado who took good care of the car. Restoration began in February of this year, and the XKE has entered the assembly phase in recent weeks.


The E-Type's restoration process has been thorough and detail, and the Coupe has already undergone a series of transformative steps: from being stripped down to its bare metal, placed on a rotisserie, and metal-finished, to being leaded and having all its body parts expertly fitted. The XKE's  britework has been fit to the car and is now being re-plated. Elsewhere, our bodyman already primed, sealed, painted, applied base coat, and clear coat applications, which resultied in the  stunning finish that has been skillfully color sanded and buffed to the perfection you see today. Every system within the vehicle has been gone through, with any necessary replacements or rebuilds carried out to bring them back to their original specs. The engine, transmission, and rear end underwent a comprehensive rebuild as well, to ensure they met our standards. Simultaneously, the fuel, electrical, cooling, and hydraulic systems are undergoing restoration, replacement, and installation on the Coupe. 

All other components, such as the suspension have also been restored to original factory specs, and the E-Type is also receiving a completely new, custom-tailored Tan interior crafted from the correct materials by our master Trimmer. The Golden Sand finish chosen for this E-Type Coupe is original to the car, and should prsent a fantastic look when complete. Stay tuned to our Winter 2023 newsletter for an update on this restoration! 

Body & Paint  Gallery

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Additionally, a flash drive containing a comprehensive collection of images and videos documenting the entire restoration process will accompany the vehicle.Upon the finalization of this extensive restoration, the Jaguar will stand as an exemplary specimen, ready to be driven and enjoyed. It's not just a car; it's a masterpiece that can confidently compete in your favorite Concours events or serve as a valuable addition to your collection, representing a blue-chip investment.

Upholstery, Mechanical, and Assembly Gallery

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