How to Build a Show Car

A show level car is a 99 + point or better vehicle. These vehicles are generally not driven more than a few miles a year and found in a museum or collection. They may also be found in a climate controlled facility and transported in an enclosed trailer to Concours and car shows. All components are original or an exact replacement. Classic Showcase does their utmost to locate NOS (new old stock) parts for every vehicle. If a specific part is no longer available in NOS, we source the best aftermarket parts available. 

This level of nut and bolt restoration may be daunting to most companies; however, Classic Showcase’s top specialists have the experience and expertise to complete these projects successfully. With our knowledge of the rules and regulations in judged events, we are able to provide unsurpassed work and craftsmanship with the proper restorations and reconstruction of our cars. To begin, you must use the best original car as possible to achieve the best results. The more originality the car has the better it will turn out. A lot of pre-planning has to occur before beginning the project. This requires very precise workmanship through the whole project and keen attention to detail.
Similar to our other levels of restoration, we start all our projects with a complete and comprehensive evaluation. We research the vehicles history and check for any and all documentation we can find. We carefully look the vehicle over, noting what is original, what has been altered or what is not working, and what is missing. We start to assess the overall condition and document it with a complete set of photographs and notes. After doing various extensive tests and evaluation inspections on the vehicle, we then start the disassembly of the vehicle, again taking note of all parts and listing what will need replacing, restoring, or repairing, also making note of originality as we proceed.