1972 Porsche 914-6 GT Restoration

A Fall '23 update on our latest Porsche restoration project.

About the Porsche and its restoration

Last issue we unveiled one of our new restoration projects - the Porsche 914-6 GT. We have acquired several 914 core cars in the last few years, and plan to convert them as well - with this Shark Blue example being the first in the series; our next versions will feature vibrant and cheerful finishes of Yellow and Green. These performance minded restorations will also feature welded-on metal flares all the way around, as well as a Porsche 911 T engine, a 5-speed Porsche 901 Sideshift transmission, and a host of other mechanical and aesthetic upgrades. This is sure to be a one of a kind of 914-6 example that will not only have an awesome and unique look, but with great performance as well!


Since our last issue, the team tasked with this restoration has focused much attention on the creation and installation of interior components to the 914-6 GT, including the seats and dash as seen in the photo galleries below. The team has also been at work assembling the engine and transmission, while other portions of the vehicle are being tended to in our assembly area, including the installation of a new bumper assembly, headlights, as well as a restored gas tank along with extensive work on the Porsche's top.

Restoration  Gallery 1

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We started the process by carefully disassembling the Porsche and cataloging all parts and components before stripping it down to bare metal. The team chose a modern Porsche color unveiled in 2021 called “Shark Blue” for this 914-6, and decided to retain the car’s stock Black interior color. All of the bodywork has been completed, and the team is in the process of wet-sanding and buffing the Porsche before beginning the assembly stage of the restoration.

The 914-6 has been the recipient of a number of impressive mechanical upgrades, including a full conversion from a 4-cylinder layout to that of a 6; The conversion has required a number of adjustments made to our usual restoration process, but the team loves a challenge and has already made great progress in this endeavor. We sourced and acquired an engine from a 911 T example and have mated it with a 5-speed Porsche 901 Sideshift transmission, clutch system, and resurfaced flywheel. In addition, the Porsche features Weber carburetors, is in the process of getting a new wire harness installed, a 914-6 oil tank (with custom lines), engine mounts, and new sheet metal throughout. To accommodate the increased power, the hydraulic system has been performance-upgraded with disc brakes and larger rotors to help accommodate better braking response. The Porsche will eventually rest atop a set of 5-lug period-correct Fuchs Turbo wheels mounted on a fresh set of new period-correct tires that will be great for the track, as well as your favorite scenic drives!

The Porsche’s interior has been restored, and the components are being installed as of this writing! The Porsche's instruments have already been rebuilt, along with a 914-6 speedometer and tachometer that was sourced and will be installed as well; the 914-6 GT will feature sound deadening (to reduce the noise and heat for an improved driving experience), and a Blaupunkt “Frankfurt” AM-FM push-button stereo system, along with a hidden amplifier with Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity will also be added to provide the driver with thier favorite audio selections as they experience the 914-6 GT. 

Once completed, this 1972 Porsche 914-6 GT is sure to turn heads both on and off the track....or wherever it roams! The unique blend of classic Porsche styling with modern updates are sure to make it a one-of-a-kind machine like no other. With its powerful engine, upgraded GT Flared stylings, and other performance enhancements, this car stands to be one of the most unique 914 configurations on the road today. Whether you're a Porsche enthusiast or a seasoned collector simply looking for a stylish and high-performance car to add to your collection, this 914-6 is sure to exceed your expectations upon completion! Stay tuned to our Winter newsletter for the next update on this exciting Porsche restoration! 

Restoration  Gallery 2

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