Ask Tom - Summer 2020


I live in Southern California, and own a restored XKE. I would like to drive to it Las Vegas in July, but am

concerned  about high temperatures in the desert. I do plan on driving it at night, but what are some other

precautions I can take for driving my E-Ttype?

It depends on how hot your E-Type runs, and there are a lot of things you can do to make it run cooler. For example, it is best to replace the existing Radiator with an Aluminum high-output Radiator. Add an auxiliary
fan to help push the cool air through, add new anti-freeze, and just pay attention to your temperature gauge
and don't let it overheat.


I've been thinking of buying several cars to start a collection. Have the values of classic cars dropped since the

start of Covid-19?

Possibly. The value of cars on the market could be better than they  were before the pandemic, but if it is  a very high level and rare car, then the value is probably the same. Each car needs to be analyzed individually, but
otherwise, this is a very good time to add cars to your collection. The price of cars are a little bit lower today than before the start of the pandemic as well. However, the cost to restore it will actually be the same.


I'm a 30 year old professional that has followed Classic Showcase for some time, and I love looking at your

cars on a regular basis. I'm thinking about purchasing one for myself, and would like to know what you think

would be a good entry level  XKE to own, drive, and collect?

We reccomend a Series 2 E-Type. Those are the more affordable of the XKE series, and you can buy an average
one and fix it up over time. This will be a great investment, and one that you can truly grow with.


I've inherited a 1963 XKE from my Father, and I noticed that there is an aluminum plate situated next to the

Data Plate that says "J63" riveted in place...Wwhat is this plate, and what does it designate? 

When the XKE was first introduced, the California DMV didn't think there were enough digits in an XKE's
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), so they added a 'J' for Jaguar, then added the year in which it was made; they did this up until the early 1970s. Ultimately, this plate proves it is in fact an original California
car. *Please note these extra data plates will not be listed on a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate - but
the DMV might have slipped and put those letters and numbers on your title and registration. You can  either leave it intact, or you can create a statement of facts, and go back to the DMV with your JDHT and verify it with them.