Summer 2021 Newsletter


Mark S. from West Covina asks:
With the California lockdown lifted, do you expect to see the car shows, rallies, live auctions and events taking place just like before?

Tom's Answer: Yes, absolutely. People want to get out, they want to be sociable, and they want to participate, travel, collect and enjoy their hobby! If anything, the lockdown has made people aware that they should enjoy each and every moment and indulge themselves in the activities that give them the most pleasure, such as the classic car hobby. 


Jerry from Santa Clara, CA asks:
I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that modified Jaguar E-Types are selling for as much, or more than a concours-level example. Do you feel that this will continue to happen?

Tom's Answer: For sure. People today want a very high-quality example, with all of the advanced performance and comfort features that are available; as such, many have sought to upgrade their E-Types, XKs and Mark 2s accordingly. The resale values on these modified examples have proven to be very strong.


Joeseph S. from Phoenix, AZ asks:
I'm thinking about purchasing a restored classic Jaguar, but showing it is not for me. What are some different ways I can enjoy my car and meet new people in the process?

Tom's Answer: Have you considered taking your car and driving it in a Rally? A good rally to a great area makes a very memorable experience. You will not only meet new people from all over, but you may also become lifelong car friends that can enjoy the classic car hobby together. There are a number of great clubs and charitable organizations that offer everything in a package such as planning the itinerary, hotel booking, arranging all meals, and placing the event in a very memorable and scenic location. You may also contact your local classic car club and inquire about these types of events; many local-level Jaguar and Porsche clubs offer or otherwise take part in many of these events.  


Melissa C. from Irvine, CA asks:
My uncle who passed away earlier in the year was a classic Jaguar owner and enthusiast, and left me his collection of classic model cars, magazines from the 60s and 70s, and a large collection of early Jaguar tools. I am not a car person, but would like to see these items go to the right place...I was wondering if you knew of a non-profit tax-deductible organization that I can donate these items to that would benefit other Jaguar fans who are active in the hobby?

Tom's Answer: Yes - there is such a charitable organization that would be happy to accept your uncle's memoribilia - The Coventry Foundation. The Foundation has been created by passionate Jaguar people who donate their time, resources, and services with the goal of better serving the Jaguar Heritage and preserving the marque for future generations. The Foundation's mission is to preserve the Heritage of Jaguar Cars in North America. They take their role seriously and need support to continue their work. If you have memorabilia, Literature, or a vehicle that you would like to donate, or you would like to make a monetary donation, please contact them. They are a 501c3 public charity, and donations are tax deductible to the donor as allowable by law. Find out more about by visiting the Coventry Foundation website.


I've decided that I am ready to purchase my dream car, but cannot pay for it outright; is there a particular finance company that you recommend to a prospective buyer?

Tom's Answer: Classic Showcase has worked with and recommends speaking with Woodside Credit. Many of our clients have purchased our vehicles and/or restoration services with various financing options available from Woodside Credit, and as such we invite you to take a look at the services they offer on their website: