Recaps and Photo Galleries from the annual Concours event
held in Seabrook, Texas


Seabrook, Texas, May 2-3, 2021

The largest collection of classic cars and wooden boats in the United States is on display at the beautiful grounds of Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook the first weekend each May. Educational and awe-inspiring, Keels & Wheels is an event for spectators of all ages and is a great chance to immerse yourself in automotive and marine history. Attendees come from every corner of the U.S. and even Europe to see this spectacular and unique display of classic boats and automobiles. Of course, you can’t forget the famous Texas hospitality!

Concours Report & Recap

from Classic Showcase collector clients
Eric & Rhonda of Texas...

It was a great Keels and Wheels for us. The show was a rain soaked event on Saturday but the sun eventually came out. Our XKE was in the XKE class which, for some odd reason had four 1965 Etype convertibles. There was a red/tan, a British racing green/tan, my red/tan and a maroon/black. The British Racing Green car was very nice and clearly a recent restoration but it had a paint chip and a little damage where the driver's door opened too far. The maroon car was a survivor having never been restored. Our car took first in class. Aside from your excellent restoration work, I also think that the Peter Lindner Key Fob that I found helped impress the judges, and the fact that I got a bunch of Lindner materials from his dealership from 1965.   

There was also an extremely nice 1960 XK150 owned by a man named Don Beck from Fort Worth. He was in a different class that somehow placed him with the other British Sports Cars. In terms of other British Sports Cars there was an Austin Healey 100M, two MGA's, a Bristol ACE, an MG 4 Door Sedan, an Austin Healey 3000, a couple of MG TD's, a Mini Cooper with woodie sides, and an Aston Martin DB6. There was certainly more but those were the highlights in my area.

One thing that was crazy was our cars were all positioned in the best part of the show (on the grass next to the pool). It rained for two days and all of our cars were literally sitting in the mud. Mine didn't get too bad - an hour on the lift will get it spiffed back up. But the Aston Martin DB6 sunk up to his rear end, and looked like an off road truck. I felt bad for the guy!


And, not to be forgotten, our 1969 Boss 429 also won the Mustang class as well and there was another Boss 429 in that group. Rhonda and I got to meet Aaron Shelby, Peter Miles, Barry Meguiar and Bruce Meyer. Bruce was a really good guy. I will also say that he had very nice things to say about Classic Showcase. Bruce came over and really checked out my car and was suitably impressed!

Eric poses with his Best in Class awards !

Other views from the Concours...

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Inside the Ford v Ferrari tent at Keels & Wheels 2021.