Preserving Jaguar® History


December '20 In Petersburg, VA

In December, 2020, a group of Coventry Foundation faithful converged on Petersburg, Virginia, to work on updating our museum space at the Moss Motors Facility. The space we are in is part of a bigger museum area and has been generously donated to us by Moss since 2017. Those joining me were George Camp, Amos Kunkle, John MacLeod, and Bud Marston. The greatest activity of the day was receiving the donation from Bud of his significant collection of key fobs that were used during the writing of his recent book. Bud also donated books, including a signed copy of his recently completed book, tools and other items from his collection. While we were there, we updated our display to include 2 cars recently donated by Dr. Gerry Mitchell, refreshed the artwork using some items recently donated by the Jaguar Car Club of North Florida. These new items join the existing artwork and model car collection donated to the foundation by Jerry Turner. A great couple days that included a bit of work, some good food, and drink, and sharing of some tall tales.
- Gary Kincel, Dec. 2020

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VISION: To be the primary source for information and material related to the heritage of Jaguar® Cars in North America. To educate the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community and to advance education related to the heritage of Jaguar ® Cars in North America. Further to create a facility (Museum) where automobiles, printed material, and artwork related to the Jaguar® Marque can be displayed for the enjoyment of the public and facilitate research on the marque.

MISSION: To perpetuate the heritage of Jaguar® Cars in North America, being a major archive of printed material, specialty tools related to Jaguar® Cars, and desirable older models. Providing annual scholarships to students interested in the automotive restoration arts, and attending accredited programs for the restoration of older cars. Be a resource for historical information related to the restoration, and repair Jaguar® Cars, and providing information, copies of out of print documents, loan specialty tools to anyone with an interest or need related to Jaguar® Cars. Serve the needs of the Jaguar enthusiast throughout the USA by providing a forum for the exchange of information, and ideas. We believe that the cars should be enjoyed and driven or raced, and we should share the joy of these wonderful cars and their fascinating owners. Promote the hobby and encourage people of all ages to become involved.

CORE VALUES: Respect for the cars, the heritage of the marque and each other. Value to our patrons. Always be responsible to the people and places we touch. Our aim is to ensure that everyone benefits from working with us. Develop the base of knowledge of all involved. Caring neighbors. Respect, compassion, & humanity. Care about our patrons, colleagues, and the general population with an interest in our hobby. Teamwork. Aim for the highest standards in the way we work, and the quality of the information we provide. Build mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, patrons, and others with interest. Integrity in all we do. We should act in a fair, honest and transparent way. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.