Winter 2020 Newsletter

Question 1 from Roger S. in Los Angeles, CA:

During the pandemic, news outlets have reported that there has been a renewed interest in classic cars; what do you think are some of the driving factors behind this sudden surge in popularity?

TOM'S ANSWER: People will always have a desire to live out their dreams; some may call it fulfilling a “bucket list”, while others may just say with a great sense of urgency “why not do it now?” So many people have had extra time on their hands being home and not travelling or vacationing, so they in turn spend time online and in magazines searching for their dream car. We have spoken to friends and associates in the Classic Car industry all over the nation, and many of the established, good, and reputable businesses have done quite well this year. Then there are those that already own a Classic Car, but one that has been sitting in the garage for many years; now with pandemic, they have decided that this is the opportune time to get service and restoration work done to their classics, which in turn has provided us with a steady flow of activity at our facility. Whatever may be going on in the world, one thing is for certain: we are always happy to help service our loyal customers!

Tom judging a Jaguar XK-120 at this year's SDJC Concours d'Elegance.

Question 2 from Mort S. in La Jolla, CA:

I own a classic Jaguar, and really wanted to show it at events in 2020, but because of the Pandemic, everything was essentially cancelled; with the lack of available events, how can I stay connected to the Classic Car hobby and community?

TOM'S ANSWER: Good question! Over the last quarter, we have seen a rise in "Virtual Concours" events taking place online from regional clubs and organizations, as well as regular discussion in online Forums and Social Media groups; in addition, traditional magazine publications have been featuring great, and timely articles to help keep the community connected during the pandemic; with this, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the classic car market. The other way to stay connected to the hobby is too simply enjoy your classic out on the open road -the pandemic will not affect you when you are driving your car on your favorite road or highway, providing an easy escape from world events - and with the added bonus of less traffic than you would normally see out on the road!

Now is the perfect time to get out on the open road and enjoy your classic!

Question 3 from Wayne H. in Anaheim Hills, CA:

I own a 1961 Jaguar E-Type roadster that was given to me by my father who purchased it when new; I have thought about selling the car in the past, but noticed that the 60th anniversary of the model is coming next year; would this be the right time to sell the car, or would it be better to hold on to it?

TOM'S ANSWER: With the 60th anniversary of the E-Type coming in 2021, it is quite likely that your first-generation car will hit a high level of value; but if the XKE has sentimental value and you also enjoy maintaining and owning it, then I would recommend holding on to it over the long haul, even to the next milestone on the 70th anniversary and beyond. Early E-Type examples have been scarce and in very high demand for many years. 

The Jaguar E-Type's debut in 1961; 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the model...congratulations, Jaguar!

Question 4 from Laura S. in Burbank, CA:

With the summer months approaching, would this be a good time to plan to get upgrades such as air conditioning, power steering, and engine service to my Series 2 XKE FHC? It has been in the family for 35 years, and I plan to keep the car in the family long term. With the pandemic, and the world in a standstill from it, I see us going on road trips in the Western U.S. next Summer. Are the Winter and Spring seasons a good time to get these types of upgrades to the Coupe?

TOM'S ANSWER: If you plan to keep the car long term, and drive it, it is a great opportunity to enhance the car, in both comfort and performance. You can do these all at once, or schedule this over a period of time depending on your budget.

Air-Conditioning being installed to a Series 1 E-Type at Classic Showcase