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Show/Driver Level - Summer 2020 Restoration Update

In our last newsletter we introduced this great 1965 Jaguar XKE Coupe core car example we had in stock and decided to restore to that of our Show-Driver level. The Coupe has come a long way since then, with the majority of the bodywork being completed as seen in the picture gallery below. The XKE's Bonnet is currently being worked on by body men in our shop, and will be completed shortly after the beginning of the Fall season. The newly finished monocoque of the Coupe is looking wonderful in its Jaguar-official original exterior color of Opalescent Golden Sand and is inching closer and closer to being joined to its matching Bonnet that is sure to produce a stunning look when complete.

The inside of the Coupe is coming along nicely as well, as our Master Trimmer has completed production on the majority of the XKE's interior components. The Seats, Door Panels, Center Console, Dash, and other Trim have been made, and are awaiting installation in the Assembly area. The Tan color being used on the interior of the car is sure to produce a stunning look that will nicely compliment the Coupe's Opalescent Golden Sand exterior.

On the mechanical side, the Team has successfully rebuilt all of the major components such as the Transmission, Rear End, and the 4.2 Liter Engine; speaking of which, the Engine was very recently put on our Test Station to work out any kinks and ensure that all is in order and running well prior to installation. This process is performed with every one of our classic Jaguar engine rebuilds, and is a unique and necessary facet of our mechanical restoration process to these cars.

With the majority of the body, upholstery, and mechanical part rebuilding complete, the Coupe will soon move into our Assembly area, where the hard work of the previous season comes together with the birth of a seemingly new Jaguar XKE – which many would say is "better" than when it originally left the factory in 1965. Stay tuned to our Winter 2020 Newsletter for the conclusion of the restoration to this Golden Coupe!