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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Best practices for maintaining the
financial value of your classic car.

Many first-time classic car owners and enthusiasts ask us questions or seek advice about long-term ownership of classic cars - and more specifically about what proactive steps they can take to ensure their pride and joy holds its value as time goes on. While each car and situation is different, there are several fundamental and quite simple rules that owners may follow to ensure that if they ever desire to part with their classic that they will be able to do so in a profitable manner.


This is arguably one of the most important factors in maintaining the value of your classic. While not always possible, it is good to repair existing parts and working with NOS (i.e. "new old stock") or otherwise stock parts specifically designed for that vehicle. Newer parts placed in classic and vintage cars can not only create operational issues, but severely impact a car's value as well.

Keep the car clean...at all times.

Whether you are storing it or driving it, this basic but sometimes overlooked rule applies to all classics in any circumstance! Dirt, dust, grime, mold - all of it can wreak havoc on your classic which can result in rust, chipped paint, and performance issues to name just a few. Just as with a brand new car, it is a great and recommended practice to routinely wash, wax, and dry your car to ensure that the beauty of its aesthetics remain in top form.  

Be cautious with Modifications

The options and possibilities for modifications with virtually any classic car are tremendous, and in the modern world we live in, quite tempting to implement. But if you own an original, stock classic car and are looking to eventually sell it, you should be cautious with modifications, as changes can have a direct hit on the value of your car. However, if you do plan on keeping the car and are not focused on monetary values, many modifications and additions to classics can greatly improve your own personal experience with using the vehicle. Establish your true goals with the car first - i.e. personal enjoyment or investment - and adjust your game plan accordingly.

Always perform regular Maintenance

While true for any vehicle on the road, this is especially true for classics for a multitude of reasons. Major classic car repairs from a true Marque expert can become costly when compared to their newer vehicle counterparts, so it's important for owners to be pro-active about quality routine maintenance practices from reputable shops. The other added benefit here is that you are also creating a documented history of maintenance that you have had done to the vehicle under your ownership - which is a huge plus that relays to the public at large that you have cared for the car - a positive to prospective buyers.      

Storing your Classic Car

Indoor storage options are a near must to maintain the value of your classic. Harsh weather patterns of all types can have profoundly negative impacts on your vehicle; from paint fades due to sitting under the hot sun, to icy cold weather causing operational issues, the elements will keep coming at your pride and joy. Keep it safe by keeping it indoors when not operating or showing.