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Show/Driver Level - Fall 2020 Update

Last newsletter we discussed this sleek black & red E-Type client restoration and are back with some exciting updates on this Roadster. In the previous issue we showed you previews of the bodywork our team performed on the Monocoque, as well as the work performed on mechanicals such as the Engine, as well as various other parts of the car such as the Frame Rails. Now, a little over 3 months later, we can report that all of the bodywork, as well as the majority of the mechanical rebuild and assembly has been completed; the assembly process started in August and is nearly complete.

As shown in the picture galleries below, our Team has just recently completed the initial assembly of the Roadster, and are in the very final stages of restoration. All of the major mechanical systems including the Engine, Transmission, and Rear End have been completely rebuilt, tested, and thoroughly gone through before installation to the car. Master technicians will now focus on fine tuning and further testing - both in the shop, as well as on local test drives to ensure the car is performing optimally, and safely before the client takes delivery of the car.  

All of the XKE's interior components have been installed, including the convertible top bows, carpeting and trim for the trunk area. In addition, our Master Trimmer is also installing a Bluetooth receiver that can be paired with a telephone or other device that can provide audio to the speakers installed in the car. The setup is conveniently located behind a radio blanking plate that rests above the center console underneath the XKE's stock ashtray. This Bluetooth upgrade has become a popular option to consider with so many everday devices utilizing Bluetooth technology.  

The client also chose to include the addition of a factory Hard-Top to the XKE, and we were happy to locate and restore this piece for him. Our Master Trimmer started work on the Hard-Top weeks ago and is near completion. For many, the addition of a Hard-Top produces a wonderful accent to the already sleek look and design of the E-Type, and also provides an extra layer of protection in driving in colder conditions. Work on the Hard-Top is moving along nicely, and will provide the final touch to this soon to be very stylish Black & Red Series 1 XKE. Be sure to view our upcoming Winter 2020 newsletter to view final pictures of this Roadster!