Below is a list of very common questions regarding our facility, restoration process, and purchasing options. Each brief answer will point you to the section of our site where that question is answered in more detail. There is a considerable amount of information on this site. We hope that this acts as a good starting point to get you to the right place effectively.

Can I visit your facility without an appointment?

No, all visits to our facility must be scheduled with an appointment prior to arrival to ensure quality of the visit and that the adequate amount of time can be allotted to each customer. No exceptions. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

What types of vehicles do we offer?

Mostly British, Italian, German and select American. Please see our current inventory to view most commonly offered vehicles.

When are California State Taxes applicable to my purchase?

California state taxes will be applied to any purchase that will be driven in the State of California or if a buyer will be driving the vehicle away from our facility premises.

Do we finance?

No, but we can help arrange financing with reputable companies. Please see payment options.

Do we ship?

We do not offer transport directly through our establishment, but we work with many reputable transporters and can assist in all transport arrangements. Please see transport.

Do we take vehicles on consignment?

Yes, we accept most vehicles that fit our profile and marketing plan. Please see "Sell us your classic".

Do we buy vehicles?

Yes, please see "Selling us your classic".

What is the difference between Show and a Show/Driver level?

The main difference is the time and attention to detail spent on the vehicle. Show level is a car that typically will not be driven, is kept in climate controlled storage and transported on a trailer to Concours events. Show/Driver level is catered more to the customer that is interested in showing and driving their vehicle.

What is Preservation level?

Preservation level is a car that is kept as original as possible and will not be altered from the original mechanical, exterior and interior specifications of the mark.

Do we sell parts?

We will be opening a parts department in the near future. Please check the Parts section of our website frequently for updates. In the mean time, if you are having difficulty locating a specialty part, please send your request to management@classicshowcase.com and we will try our best to source the specialty part that you are looking for. We also recommend using Hemmings Motornews found at most local newsstands.

How do you document original miles?

Through certification of ownership, maintenance records, and paper trails. Without at least one of these items, it can be hard to reliably document mileage.

What are your recommendations for proper maintenance and preservation of my vehicle throughout the seasons?

Please see our new section labeled "Preservation and Maintenance".

If you have a question regarding our facility please fill out our request form and the appropriate representative will be in contact with you shortly within the next business day.