The price of each level of quality restoration varies greatly depending on the rarity of the mark and condition of the vehicle that is brought to us. Without seeing the vehicle, it is near impossible to give an accurate price quote. With this being said, for every potential vehicle restoration project, Classic Showcase will require the following.

The first step is to arrange transport of your vehicle or drive your vehicle to our facility for a detailed evaluation and inspection. This will guarantee the most accurate estimate possible, taking any unknowns into consideration. There are several unknowns that we cannot take into account until the restoration has started. One being that we may find concern areas after stripping the car to bare metal. Other unknowns may consist of concern areas in the engine that cannot be found until a component is taken apart, or a component that may not be serviceable or rebuilt, original parts that are missing or broken that are necessary for the completion of the restoration that will need to be purchased, concern areas under carpet or upholstery and any other areas that cannot be inspected without taken a component or a part of the car apart.

If transporting your vehicle to Classic Showcase before gaining a general estimate is not an option, the second step is to send a full detailed pictorial set of photographs of your vehicle (the more close ups, the better) as well as details of the level of restoration you are interested in. This will help us better understand your needs and therefore give you a general price range. However, please keep in mind, quotes are not complete until examinations and evaluations have been performed.

We have found that many restoration shops bill by the hour only and will not commit to a final estimate or offer a set payment arrangement for restoration, leading to the feeling of a never ending money trap. Classic Showcase has designed and perfected many payment and restoration structures over the years to benefit you as the customer and will never fix any unknowns without customer consent. All structures are customized to fit the customer’s specific timeline and restoration level desires and give a final restoration price. Please keep in mind, unknowns cannot be predicted and will be charged additional to the final restoration price. In the customized restoration structure, we try to do our best in giving you a clear and detailed outline, so you know where your money is spent. If you prefer to pay by the hour rather than a set structure of payments, we can bill accordingly as well.

Here at Classic Showcase, we pride ourselves in being an honest, world class facility where all collectors feel confident coming for their restoration and purchase needs.