Preservation & Maintenance

Preserving and maintaining your vehicle throughout the seasons:


Make sure all of your car's vitals are good. Check fluids and air pressure, read instruments properly to make sure they are all operating well. The gasoline used in a car is important. Use a high quality gas to prevent any dieseling effect. If you have a pinging effect, the problem could be your timing or carburetion. You may need to use an octane booster if you drive a car with a performance operating engine.

For maximum efficiency, make sure the timing of the engine and calibration of the carburetors are good.

Shine the car and buff it to perfection. We like the Maguire and 3M polishes, as they are user friendly. Also try the products from Griot's. Take your time when detailing your car. It can be a fun and relaxing experience.


First, look under the car on the ground to check for any fluids that may have leaked. Check and change fluids as needed. Then, check gasoline; if old, drain and replace. Check radiator anti-freeze level and note the color of the fluid. It should be a bright green. If not, it may need flushing and changing.

Next, check and charge or replace the battery as needed. We recommend that you trickle charge or install a battery tender for your battery when not in use, even if it is a small amount of time such as the week days. Check air pressure on all tires, don't forget the spare. Inspect the full vehicle to make sure that bolts and all hardware and suspension points are tight.

Check engine performance for possible need of a tune up, carburetor and timing adjustment.

If there are any noises or low oil pressure when you start the car, be sure to consult your mechanic before driving it.


Drain the petrol or add a few drops of additive to the gas tank and run the engine so that the additive will get in to the carbs. This will ensure that your gasoline in the tank will not break down or go bad and cause problems to the carburetors or fuel pump. Marvell Mystery Oil or Stay Bill are amazing products and you'll find that they work wonders. To add oil to the gas, put a small amount into the cylinders. Make sure the car has plenty of anti-freeze.

Disconnect the battery. If it is very cold, remove the battery completely and place on a trickle charger.

Place your vehicle on jack stands. This will save your tires from getting a flat spot from sitting. If you don't have access to a stand then slightly over inflate the tires to compensate for the amount of time they won't be in use.

Polish the car and cover it with a heavy cover to protect it from the elements.

Keep your classic in a dry environment; if possible a climate controlled one. Never store a car on the dirt. When wet it can cause rust. Always try to park your car on the pavement. If you must store your car in the open elements with a car cover, please be sure to remove the car cover after a rain so that the cover does not dry over the car. If the cover is left on the car after rain, while it dries it can cause hazing in your paint.