1960 Jaguar XK-150 3.8 DHC

Stock: J60-8DN
Current condition: SHOW
Performance: 3.8 Liter, 6 cylinder
Transmission: 4-speed manual with overdrive
Color exterior: BRG/ Suede Green/ Black
Mileage: 0082 Showing
Wheels: 5 Chrome Wire
Tires: 5 Dunlop Road Speed 6.00 H.16
Vin #: S838668DN
Engine #: VA1572-8
Gearbox #: JLS45503JS
Other 1: Body #: P8180

(SOLD) This Jaguar is a superb example yielding a rare engine size of 3.8. This was the largest displacement engine of the period for an XK-150. The 3.8 engine was featured near the end of the production of the XK. Also, a significant difference in the rear tail light fixture. No expense was spared in this impeccable and proper restoration to the highest standards by Jaguar Professionals. During this extensive restoration the engine, transmission, drive train and all systems were gone through, body was taken to bare metal, fitted to perfection, interior trimmed in a beautiful green color contrasting combination, brite work re-plated to show level and all hardware panels in proper finish. It would be hard to find any XK-150 DHC, let alone one of the finest in the world restored to a Show level. This is a great opportunity to own a rare and spectacular vehicle that has matching numbers. This is for the discerning collector who demands the best quality.


First introduced in 1948, the Jaguar XKs caused a sensation; race car performance on the road, and with an unsurpassed level of sophistication and timeless beauty. The hot new XK was a big hit in Hollywood, where actor Clark Gable took delivery of the first one available. Surprisingly, the XKs were an amazing value at a relatively low cost, bringing high performance within the reach of more people. Today the XK is revered as an automotive landmark, early XKs enjoying success in national and international racing, rallying and record breaking. Their performance, even by today’s standards, is highly respectable, and they remain a gem in the world of collector cars. The introduction of the XK 150 was announced in May of 1957. This more modern version of the XK 120 and 140 featured 4-wheel disc brakes and a sleeker shape. Perhaps most noticeable, the wing line is comparatively straighter than its dramatically rounded predecessors. The XK 150 also features a wider, more delicate grill, with a stylish indent beneath it. A fillet was inserted to widen the bonnet, and thinner doors gained more interior room. The much altered, roomier body had a wider hood opening, creating a more practical vehicle without losing the XK elegance