1958 Jaguar XK-150 S 3.4 OTS

Stock: J58-428
Current condition: UNDER RESTORATION
Performance: 3.4 Liter I-6, 3 SU Carburetors
Transmission: 4-Speed with Overdrive
Color exterior: Carmen Red
Color interior: Red
Mileage: 4,177 Showing
Wheels: Chrome Wire Wheels
Tires: Dunlop 215/70 R16
Brakes: Disc
Vin #: S830428DN
Gearbox #: JLS40366JS
Other 1: Body Number: F15433

(SOLD) This one owner Jaguar is a very original car that is currently undergoing a Show/Driver level restoration. If you are interested in purchasing this roadster, you can select the color combination of your choice - please note this is a limited window of opportunity, while the car is still in bare metal - please inquire for further details. It is getting increasingly harder to find good, honest original cars such as this one! The fit on this roadster is very good, and the car features and original parts such as 4-speed with overdrive, 3 SU carbs and 2 fuel pumps as it left the factory, filter box, carburetors, voltage regulator, and much more. This car has always been well serviced and maintained. The top is relatively new, as well as the tires. Most of the original parts and hardware under the bonnet are in good serviceable condition. In 1961 the original owner had an unstamped 3.8 block installed by the dealership for greater performance, but the head is the original one that came with the car. It also has dual exhaust. It comes with a Heritage Certificate of Authenticity which verifies it is still in its original color combination. Part of this XK-150Ss history is that it was raced and comes with programs and a very thick binder of documentation from birth until present. Upon completion of its restoration, this XK-150S roadster will present an excellent opportunity for the Jaguar collector to have a sought after classic Jaguar that will be a great choice for showing and driving!


In 1957 Jaguar introduced the XK-150, a replacement for the XK-140. The XK-150 had many similarities to its predecessors but it featured modern styling and improved mechanics. Only 4,450 Coupes were produced of the XK-150 between 1957 and 1961 with 10,000 XK-150’s produced total. The XK-150 was plusher and more civilized, and substantially restyled, with a re-contoured beltline, wider grille and a one-piece windshield. The curvature of the line from front to rear fender was much straightened, resulting in a heavier look. For better drivability, disc brakes were fitted with servo assist. Compared with the XK 140, the following technological improvements can be noted: the XK 150 was fitted with disc brakes on the front wheels and with more powerful engines. The 3.4-litre XK engine fetched a standard 210 hp, and the SE Special Equipment version even 250 hp. From 1958, the XK 150 was also available with a 3.8-litre XK engine with a capacity of no less than 265 hp.