1963 Studebaker Avanti Coupe

Stock: ST63-938
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: 289 CI engine / 335 HP / Paxton Supercharged R3
Transmission: 3-speed Automatic Transmission
Color exterior: Champagne
Color interior: Tan
Mileage: 40,182 showing
Wheels: Factory Chrome Wheel Covers
Brakes: Power-Assisted Front Disc Brakes
Vin #: R36938
Engine #: R32134
Other 1: Body Number: 63R-Q5117
Other 2: Head Number: 1557582

(SOLD) Factory produced as an R2 supercharged car, this 1963 Avanti from the Verde Collection is one of a handful sold with the dealer-installed R3 package rated at 335 HP. Ron and Fran acquired this Studebaker from the estate of the original owner before fully restoring the car. The first American production car to feature power-assisted front disc brakes, it also offers a 3-speed automatic transmission, power windows, an attractive leather bucket seat interior and factory chrome wheel covers.


As part of his ambitious plan to save Studebaker Corporation, company president Sherwood Egbert called on Raymond Loewy to return to the position he left in 1956 and design a new generation of Studebaker passenger cars. Egbert’s plans never reached fruition, of course, but they did result in the memorable fiberglass-bodied Avanti, the product of a crash effort by Loewy’s famous design team of Bob Andrews, Tom Kellogg, and John Ebstein. Based on the hefty Lark frame, the uniquely-styled Avanti was powered by Studebaker’s faithful 289/240 HP V-8. A Paxton-supercharged R2 version was followed by more powerful engine packages dubbed R3, R4 and R5.