1963 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Sedan

Stock: J63-6BW
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: 3.8 6-Cylinder, 200 hp with Twin Solex Carburetors
Transmission: Automatic with Overdrive
Suspension: Independent Front and Rear
Color exterior: Opalescent Dark Green
Color interior: Beige
Features: Lucas PL Headlights, Blaupunkt AM/FM middle-wave radio
Mileage: 3,637
Wheels: Steel wheels and hubcaps
Tires: Michelin 185-15 Red Line
Vin #: P219796BW
Gearbox #: JBC11987
Other 1: Body Number: 5017988

(SOLD) It is rare and exciting to find cars so well preserved, and in their original condition. This 1963 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Sedan is a wonderful original example with one previous owner and with all of its tremendous patina of originality. It is accompanied by a Heritage Certificate of Authenticity, showing it to be a matching numbers car in its original color combination. The car runs and drives great. It has been properly maintained its entire life. Everything is original under the bonnet. This vehicle recently completed a professional restoration by Classic Showcase to include all mechanical systems gone through and restored or replaced as needed, cosmetic restoration and full vehicle detail. The body was re-fitted, then disassembled and received primer, base coat, clear coat and color sand and buff. Each part was painted individually off the car. New rubber and seals were installed on the car. New leather interior, panels and new carpets were custom made, fit and installed. All interior wood has been restored. All original glass, instruments, hubcaps, working original AM/FM radio and much more.


Adhering to William Lyons' maxim of "grace, pace and space", the Mark II was a beautiful, fast and capable saloon car. It came with a 2.4 L, 3.4 L or 3.8 L Jaguar XK6 engine. The 3.8 is similar to the unit used in the 3.8 E-Type (XKE), having a different inlet manifold and carburetion (two SUs versus three on the E-Type in Europe) and therefore 30 bhp less. The head of the six cylinder engine in the E-Type was also different with its "straight port" layout as opposed to the slightly curved ports of the Mark II. The 2.4 was fitted with twin Solexes, of which three were used in US spec 3.4s and 3.8s in order to meet smog emissions legislation. This reduced power output over the equivalent SU carbureted examples. The Mark II model was raced successfully in the European Touring Car Championship.