1961 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Stock: MO61-796
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: 4-Cylinder, 2138 cc Triumph 4-Cylinder engine
Performance options: (2) SC Carburetors
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Color exterior: Silver Grey
Color interior: Maroon
Mileage: 101 since restoration
Wheels: Wire Wheels
Vin #: 4796

(SOLD) This Morgan is a very rare and desirable example that just completed a meticulous professional restoration to a Show/Driver level. Includes a soft top and side windows, along with a Morgan Certificate of Authenticity.Of all the classic British post-war roadsters produced, no other car is quite as unique or charming as the Morgan Plus 4. With a simple and strong drive train, agile handling and a truly visceral, sporting ride quality, driving a well-sorted Morgan is ceaselessly grin-inducing. Timeless and distinctive styling never fails to garner appreciation, part of the reason these iconoclastic cars are perennial favorites at shows and touring events. The early 1960s models are really the most representative of the breed and easily the best to drive, with the significant benefit of the Triumph sourced inline four-cylinder engine. This is an extremely nice example that is as good on the bottom as it is on the top. The factory is still in existence, so the parts are easily obtainable. The brightwork is great shape, all of the glass and rubber is excellent. Hardly ever used, the soft top and soft top frame are in excellent condition, as is the full tonneau cover and each of the side curtains. Everything works as it should, including all of the original white faced instruments and the car’s headlamps. If you’ve been looking for an honest, mechanically excellent and beautifully presented Morgan Plus 4, this car deserves your serious attention. It has all the right things going for it: beautiful body-off restoration, well maintained, strong original mechanicals and a fantastic color combination. It is sure to bring its next owner years of continued pleasure.


The Plus 4 arose alongside the ready availability of the Standard Triumph 4-cylinder engine in twin carb tune as used in the Triumph TR series. The engine offered considerably more horsepower than the other (mostly Ford) 4-cylinders that Morgan had access to in the 1950s.Nearly everything else remained the same, including the ash wood framed body, sliding pillar front suspension that dated back to the Edwardian era, cut down doors and rudimentary weather protection, the nifty Bluemels Brooklands steering wheel, and the special-to-Morgan cream-colored Smiths gauges. Flat radiator front ends gave way to a really pretty waterfall design around 1954, and 48-spoke wire wheels began to become more prevalent, but that was pretty much it in terms of changes.There were three body styles available the standard two-seat roadster, the very lovely drophead coupe (with a three position top and roll up windows) and the slightly ungainly four-seat roadster. The Super Sports model added tuning mods and some additional horsepower. They’re subsequently rare and desirable. Supplies of the Standard Triumph four began to dwindle (the TR4 went out of production in 1967) just as U.S. safety and emissions regulations started to get tough for small companies like Morgan and more Ford Kent engine 4/4s started to turn up in the U.S. before the spigot shut off entirely until Bill Fink of Isis Imports in San Francisco figured out how to import propane-powered Morgans in the 1970s. Plus 4s are easy to own. Mechanical bits are Triumph equipment and the factory will happily supply anything else that an owner might want, from entire bodies to new chassis and fenders.