1968 Jaguar-Projects XKE Series 1 1/2 4.2 FHC

Stock: J68-087
Performance: 4.2 Liter, 2 carburetors
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Suspension: Independent front and rear
Wheels: Chrome Wire Wheels
Vin #: 1E35087

This is a completely disassembled E-Type coupe that has not had any work performed on it, available "as-is", or as a stock or customized Classic Showcase restoration - for more information on our levels of restoration, please visit our Restoration section. The XKE comes with a large list of mechanical parts and components, including but not limited to: the engine head, along with transmission and suspension components and much more. As restoration-ready E-Types are becoming increasingly hard to find, this project car presents a unique opportunity for the do-it-yourself restorer, as well as serious XKE collector who is ready for a customized XKE restoration of their choosing!


The E-Type Roadster presented here is an early 1968 model, it is one of the few E-Types that are today popularly known as Series I 1/2 cars as they utilize the open headlight bonnets but are otherwise are very similar to the Series I cars retaining the very favorable 4.2 liter engine. Inspiration from the D-Type is unmistakable, as the E-Type had a monocoque passenger compartment, a tube framed engine bay and a tilting hood. The XKE had four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes with the rear discs fitted next to the differential to reduce unsprung weight and, most importantly, fully independent suspension on all four wheels.