1969 MG B GT Coupe

Stock: MG69-997
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: 1798 cc B-Series engine, 95 hp, and 2 SU carbs
Transmission: Four-speed manual gearbox with factory overdrive
Color exterior: Tartan Red
Color interior: Black
Features: Spare Tire, Jack, Folder of receipts, British Motor Industry Certificate of Authenticity
Mileage: 82,805 miles showing
Wheels: Wire Wheels
Tires: 185/70/R14
Brakes: Disc brakes on the front / drum brakes on the rear
Vin #: GHD4U182997G
Engine #: 18GH-RWE-H/ 16226
Other 1: Body #: 508941

(SOLD) This fabulously sporty 1969 MGB GT offered here is handsomely finished in a deep Tartan red with coordinating black upholstery. With limited ownership, it was driven regularly, and taken to MG club events locally. This is the collectible model MGB with the chrome bumpers, wire wheels, 4 speed with overdrive, and twin SU carburetors with complete instrumentation. Everything runs on the car and there is a file of receipts for the engine & transmission rebuild, the service work done by the previous owner, as well as for the parts and service for the car. It benefits from fastidious maintenance within the private collection of its previous owner. In great condition throughout, this MGB GT is complete with its British Motor Industry Heritage Certificate and offers a timeless design. This is a great car for an MG collector, enthusiast, or even to start your collection. You can enjoy it as is or take it to the next level if so desired. This is one of the future up and coming lower priced collectible cars.


The MGB is a sports car launched by MG Cars in May 1962. Introduced as a four-cylinder roadster, a coupé with 2+2 seating was added in 1965. In structure the MGB was an innovative, modern design in 1962, utilizing a monocoque structure instead of the traditional body-on-frame construction used on both the MGA and MG T-types. MGB GT’s first began using a tube-type rear axle in 1967, which was substantially stronger. All MGB’s used the tube-type axle from 1968. The lightweight design reduced manufacturing costs while adding to overall vehicle strength. The MGB's performance was considered brisk at the time of its introduction, with a 0–60 mph (96 km/h) time of just over 11 seconds, aided by the relatively light weight of the car. Handling was one of the MGB's strong points. The 3-bearing 1798 cc B-Series engine produced 95 hp (71 kW) at 5,400 rpm. The engine was upgraded in October 1964 to a five-bearing crankshaft in an effort to improve reliability. The MGB was one of the first cars to feature controlled crumple zones designed to protect the driver and passenger in a 30 mph impact with an immovable barrier. Pininfarina put their design touches on MGB GT. The MGB GT sported a ground-breaking greenhouse designed by Pininfarina and launched the sporty "hatchback" style. By combining the sloping rear window with the rear deck lid, the B GT offered the utility of a station wagon while retaining the style and shape of a coupe. This new configuration was a 2+2 design with a right-angled rear bench seat and far more luggage space than in the roadster. Relatively few components differed, although the MGB GT did receive different suspension springs and anti-roll bars and a different windscreen which was more easily and inexpensively serviceable.