1948 Jaguar Mark IV 3.5 DHC RHD

Stock: J48-063
Current condition: UNDER RESTORATION
Performance: 125 hp, 3,485 cc OHV six-cylinder engine, twin SU carbs
Color exterior: Creme over Tan
Color interior: Tan
Mileage: 44,985
Wheels: Painted Wire Wheels
Tires: 6.00/6.50/18
Vin #: 517063
Engine #: P1494
Gearbox #: SH2398
Other 1: Body Number: CI524

(SOLD) Classic Showcase is pleased to announce the Show/Driver level restoration of this elegant, right hand drive Jaguar Mark IV Drop Head Coupe. A wonderful example of a bygone era of Jaguar history, the car is scheduled to begin a professional restoration, where the car will be disassembled, fully documented, and restored using the highest quality parts available by Jaguar specialists at Classic Showcase. Included in the restoration process, the Mark IV will be body worked, fit, prepared for primer, sealer, paint, base, clear, color sanded and buffed to a fabulous finish. All systems will be gone through, and the engine will be rebuilt back to factory specifications. The fuel, electrical, cooling, and hydraulic systems will be restored as well. The car's mechanical components will be rebuilt accordingly, including the engine, transmission, rear end and suspension. The chrome will be re-plated as needed. The Mark IV will receive a new custom tailored and fit interior by our upholstery department. A DVD of the restoration process will accompany the vehicle. Upon completion, this Mark IV DHC will be a great and affordable choice for the collector who appreciates the fine lines and distinctively elegant design exclusively afforded to vehicles of this era.


The Jaguar Mark IV is a car built by Jaguar from 1945 to 1949. It was a re-launch of a pre-Second World War model made by SS Cars Ltd from 1936. Before the Second World War the name Jaguar was the model name given to the complete range of cars built by SS Cars Ltd. The saloons were titled SS Jaguar 1½ liter, 2½ liter or 3½ liter. The two-seater sports car was titled the SS Jaguar 100 2½ liter or 3½ liter. After the war the company name was changed to Jaguar Cars Ltd. Although the post-war saloons were officially the Jaguar 1½ liter, 2½ liter etc., the term "Mark IV" was sometimes applied retrospectively by the trade to differentiate them from the officially named Mark V. Only six-cylinder models were officially sent to America, and these early offerings, quickly gained a following, especially when they were first offered with left-hand drive during 1947. The 125 hp, 3.5-litre OHV six-cylinder engine offered ample power and torque for American tastes, while the large Lucas P100 headlights and upright grille of the Mark IV were welcome reminders of a more elegant, coach built past. All the cars were built on a separate chassis frame with suspension by semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear.