1953 Jaguar XK-120 FHC

Stock: J53-144
Current condition: DRIVER
Performance: 3.8 L engine, 3 SU carbs, almost 300 hp
Transmission: 5 Speed manual
Suspension: Front Suspension - Independent Rear; Suspension - Semielliptical
Color exterior: British Racing Green
Color interior: Beige with Green piping, the carpet has the same color trim as well
Features: Fog lights
Mileage: 76,163
Tires: Universal Sport 185/16
Brakes: Four-wheel drum brakes
Vin #: S681144
Engine #: W8275-8
Gearbox #: JL16446
Other 1: Body # J3162
Other 2: CA Black Plate FXL853

This one owner since new, CA black plate XK-120 is a great running and driving car. It was purchased new in Hollywood, California, used lovingly, and with great pride. It has been a California car its entire life, and garage kept. It has been upgraded to a 3.8 L engine, that produces nearly 300 hp! It has also received a 5-speed transmission with a gear reduction starter, as well as other performance minded improvements, so you will really enjoy driving this lady around town. It shows some patina, but has a beautiful wood dash and door tops, and has won many awards in its concours showings, over the course of her lifetime. The owner is an avid Jaguar Club member who enjoyed putting his baby on display because she was always a crowd favorite. Back in May of 2013, this Jaguar was mentioned, and pictured, in an edition of the XK Gazette. This beauty has undergone several restorations in its lifetime, and presents very handsomely today.


During the Second World War, William Lyons and his staff designed what would be the world’s first high-volume twin cam engine. After the war, a short wheelbase chassis and a two-seat sports body were married to this new engine and when the XK 120 was introduced at the 1948 Earl’s Court Motor Show. The XK 120’s body was a fresh, minimalist design with gracefully flowing curves running front to back, while the modern chassis design provided excellent handling. The XK 120 earned its name from when Jaguar was racing their cars. The car reached 120 mph! The XK 120 Coupe introduced in March 1951, added a steel roof, roll-up windows and a wood-trimmed interior, air vents, glove compartments, map containers in the door, sun visors, interior lights and foot-well vents. The faired-in front parking lights can be clearly seen. The rakish slant of the window frame adds to the sporting appearance. The engine and drive train were similar throughout the line and no distinct modifications were employed on the FHC.