1973 Jaguar-XKE Series 3 V12 2+2

Stock: J73-939
Current condition: DRIVER
Performance: 5.3-liter, V12
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Color exterior: Silver
Color interior: Blue
Features: Air conditioning, Craig AM/FM/Cassette radio
Mileage: 75,602
Wheels: Steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: Michelin White Wall 215/70R/15
Brakes: Power assisted 4-wheel disc
Vin #: UD1S74939
Engine #: 7S11729LB
Gearbox #: KL6057

(SOLD) This 1973 Jaguar Series III has a great patina of originality and has been serviced and maintained throughout its life. One of 7, 300 Series III 2+2 models made between 1971 and 1975, the V12 model exudes excellent performance, handling and power, while giving the driver a non-typical, smooth ride with significantly more room in all directions. This car features factory A/C, Craig AM/FM stereo with cassette, 4 speed transmission, steel wheels with hubcaps, power steering, leather seats, and low original miles. This would be a great car to drive and enjoy and a great candidate to restore to the next level. If you wish you can drive and enjoy this car as you improve the cosmetics.


Last of the E-types the series III V-12, a big, relaxed, high-torque engine was the way to go and Jaguar had a solution under development. It was an all-aluminum, single overhead-cam V-12, destined for the XJ sedan but also capable of giving the aging sports car the marketing boost it needed. With the 5.3-liter V-12 up front, the Series III E-type was announced in March 1971. Physical changes to the car were surprisingly few. Most important was the use of the long wheelbase on the roadster as well as the 2+2, allowing automatic transmission to be offered on the open car for the first time. There was no back seat in the roadster. The pretty two-seater coupe was dropped. The track was increased by 4.25 inches and the fender openings had pronounced flares to accommodate the increase and the wider wheels and tires fitted. Again, the Turbo disc wheels were standard but painted. Chrome-plated wheels were extra. Wire wheels were still available. An aggressive chrome grille, first ever on an E-type, filled the air intake and new air scoop for additional cooling sat just below the grille. Fitting the V-12 made it necessary to redesign the front sub-frame and suspension but torsion bars were retained. The V-12 Series III holds its value extremely well. This is the second to last year that Jaguar produced the E-type.