1965 Jaguar-XKE Series 1 4.2 FHC

Stock: J65-962
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: 265 HP, 4.2, 3 SU Carburetors
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Suspension: Independent Front / Rear
Color exterior: Opalescent Silver Grey
Color interior: Red
Wheels: Chrome Wire Wheels
Tires: Universal
Brakes: Disc Front and Rear
Vin #: 1E30962
Engine #: 7E3729-9

This matching-numbers 1965 Jaguar XKE has undergone a comprehensive documented show-driver restoration and has been campaigned in JCNA events for the last 2 years. The car just recently took first place at the San Diego Jaguar Club's Annual Concours, a sanctioned JCNA event. Included in the restoration process, the vehicle was stripped to bare metal, placed on a rotisserie, metal finished, leaded, all body parts and chrome were fitted to the car, it was prepared for primer, sealer, paint, base, clear coat, color sanded and buffed to a fabulous finish. All systems such as the electrical, cooling and fuel have been gone through. The engine was rebuilt back to factory specifications, as well as the Transmission, rear end and suspension, and all mechanical components. The clutch system and hydraulic system were replaced; the car received all new rubber, seals, and a new wire loom. The car has received a new correct exhaust system, new battery, the gas tank has been epoxy sealed and radiator was upgraded to a new aluminum radiator with auxiliary fan. All the brite work was re-plated or replaced as needed. The car received a complete new custom tailored and fit interior in the correct materials. An mp4 video file of the restoration process accompanies the vehicle. This E-Type stands as a great example to campaign at your favorite Concours or Show Event, or as a great investment grade example; regardless of your desired use, this XKE is sure to delight it’s next owner.

JOCLA Muckenthaler Motor Festival Fullerton, CA 2017-05-21 99.85 3rd Yes
SDJC SDJC Concours d'Elegance San Diego, CA 2017-07-15 99.95 1st Yes
IEJC Idyllwild Concours d'Elegance Idyllwild, CA 2017-09-30 99.7 1st No
JCCA JCCA Concours d'Elegance Chandler, AZ 2017-10-28 100 Best in Show Yes
JCSA JCSA Concours d'Elegance Tucson, AZ 2017-11-03 99.97 1st Yes
JOCLA Muckenthaler Motor Festival Fullerton, CA 2018-05-20 99.95 2nd Yes
SDJC SDJC Concours d'Elegance San Diego, CA 2018-07-14 99.98 1st No
IEJC Idyllwild Concours d'Elegance Idyllwild, CA 2018-09-24 99.99 1st No
JCCA JCCA Concours d'Elegance Chandler, AZ 2018-10-12 99.98 1st No
JOCLA JOCLA Concours d'Elegance Santa Barabara, CA 2018-05-21 99.85 3rd Yes
SDJC SDJC Concours d'Elegance San Diego, CA 2019-07-13 99.98 1st Yes
National Award 2017 99.8 3rd Class C-5
National Award 2018 99.985 1st SW


The Series 1 4.2 is a very user friendly, sporty driver, and one of the most collectable of the E-Types. These are wonderful cars with a 4.2-liter engine with three SU carburetors and a fully synchronized transmission. Some of the features of this model are covered headlights, toggle switches, full instrumentation with styling and a design that was way ahead of its time with center console, and arm rests. Other features of this Series 1 are its steep windshield and tail lights, which are placed above the bumper line in the rear deck. Similarly, the parking lights are above the front bumper line in the front fenders. In 1964 when the 4.2 was tested, fuel consumption was rated road reported at 22 MPG and a top speed of 140 MPH.