1962 MG B Race Car

Stock: MG62-545
Current condition: DRIVER
Performance: Prather 8,000 RPM engine
Transmission: 5 speed
Suspension: Front: racing shocks by Apple Hydraulics
Color exterior: Black with gold stripes
Color interior: Black
Wheels: Mini lite
Brakes: Bias with gauges
Vin #: GHN3L515545

(SOLD) The MGB is truly a one of a kind racecar. The hood has been louvered to extract heat from under the hood. The fenders are all split and sectioned so no ugly flares are on the car. All fenders are steel, and the hood is aluminum. In early 2009, the previous owner had Kent Prather, 7-time National Champion, build the motor. The specifications are extensive, and the cost was $19,500! This engine has a custom 3-stage oil pump. The gearbox is a 5-speed close ratio Ford Sierra race transmission with a custom cost all aluminum bell housing. The front suspension has racing shocks prepared by Apple Hydraulics and adjustable rate perches on the springs. The radiator is a custom all aluminum Ron Davis racing radiator. All hoses are race spec. The headers are one of a kind that run behind the engine and alongside the transmission tunnel in the passenger's compartment. All insulated and covered with beautiful aluminum panels. This enables us to lower the car to the minimum ride height. The differential and rear axle rests between a 4-link custom suspension with fiberglass springs and spax adjustable rear shocks. The trunk is lined with polished aluminum and features an ATL fuel cell, Holley race pumps and fuel filter. A Mallory distributor and electronic ignition (multiple spark discharge) makes the engine run smoothly. All the electronics are kept out of the engine bay and are housed in an aluminum box on the roll cage next to the passenger door. Brake bias gauges keep the guesswork out of any setting. Tilton pedals and master cylinders are remotely counted for ease of maintenance. The seven point cage and side door roll bars keep the driver safe in the aluminum seat. All this and it only weighs 1,970 lbs. All upgrades meet SVRA rules and regulations, and comes with the logbooks (even SCCA) to back up its credential. It's one of the fastest and prettiest MGB out there with all the best.


The MGB started out on the drawing board rather than on the racetrack and was to be the first Abingdon design model with complete unit body construction, as it was felt that considerable weight savings could be achieved. It was said at the time that everything except the Octagon was new. It can be safely said that the MGB was in the very best Abingdon tradition.