1969 TVR Tuscan

Stock: TVR69-4TM
Current condition: SHOW
Performance: 315HP Cosworth GAA Essex V6 built by Ric Wood in England
Transmission: Ford T5 close ratio world class race transmission
Color exterior: Black
Color interior: aluminum
Wheels: 3 piece Image wheels from England
Tires: Toyo Proxes R888
Brakes: 4 piston caliper front and rear Outlaw brakes with KFP pads
Vin #: 4219106

(SOLD) Car Condition: Show Level; We started with this chassis and built the fastest TVR on the planet. Ric Wood from England built the Cosworth GAA Essex V-6 motor (a 312 HP motor with triple downdraft DCNF Weber carbs). The motor was matched into a world class, close ratio Ford T-5 transmission. From there, the heavy-duty drive shaft couples with a Corvette Posi traction differential. The half shafts are custom heavy-duty half shafts with machined M-21 U-joints (each one costs $278!). The uprights have been reinforced with ½" aluminum plate, and the rear vented discs are stopped by Outlaw four piston calipers. The same type of aggressive engineering was applied to the front suspension. The uprights are reinforced and vented rotors and Outlaw 4-piston calipers. Both front and rear sway bars are custom and fully adjustable. Spax adjustable gas racing shocks are in both the front and rear. A custom header system was fabricated and is easily removed for maintenance. The fuel cell that sits in the rear has square tube steel surrounding the entire cell for safety if a rear collision would occur. An 8-point cage houses the driver in a safe and secure environment. Autometer gauges keep the driver well informed. The brake bias knob is at the driver's fingertips, along with brake bias gauges so no guesswork remains when you adjust the brakes. The rear window has been modified to open like a hatch for easy access to any internal item. The entire bonnet is easily lifted off the car for an open engine area -- it literally takes 15 seconds off and on. The car has custom fiberglass fenders, no ugly flares, custom bonnet, and is all perfectly painted!


In 1969, the TVR Tuscan had an all round tube chassis, which was not strong enough to endure the challenges of racing. The TVR Tuscan was a front engine, rear wheel drive sports car built by TVR from 1967 to 1971 in the company's Blackpool, England factory. It was the second newly developed car from TVR in the Martin Lilley era of the automotive firm. The cars were made available in both a V8 and a V6 format, with a total of 174 cars built between the two available engine formats.