1965 Cushman Super Silver Eagle Scooter

Stock: CUSH65-873
Current condition: DRIVER
Performance: Single Cylinder, Air-cooled, four cycle
Performance options: Automatic Disc, manual release
Transmission: 2 speed sliding gear
Color exterior: Black
Color interior: White
Options: Wind screen, passenger seat, twin mirrors
Mileage: 7,402
Vin #: 193873

This is a very rare and collectable classic Scooter. Classic Showcase has recently completed a cosmetic restoration and full mechanical service including stripping and repainting the sheet metal, base coat, clear coat and reupholstered the seats. In addition we serviced the fuel system and rebuilt the carburetor. We serviced the horn and lights and lubricated the scooter. We installed a new muffler and battery. This Cushman Super Silver Eagle has an electric starter. This Cushman scooter would make a fine addition to any one collection.


In early 1961, Cushman began the quiet production of an all new, all-aluminum OMC Super Husky engine to replace the long-lived Husky engine. The promotion was quiet because the new Silver Eagle was to be a 25th anniversary model for the 1962 celebration. In 1962, the Super Husky was refined and launched in a new Floating Power Chassis with rubber engine mounts. Cushman was truly the big name in little wheels.