1966 Jaguar-Projects XKE Series 1 4.2 FHC

Stock: J66-211
Current condition: ORIGINAL-PRESERVED
Performance: 265 hp, 4.2, 3 SU carburetors
Suspension: Independent rear and front
Color exterior: open to the purchaser
Color interior: open to the purchaser
Mileage: 47,731 showing
Brakes: Front and Rear Disc brakes
Vin #: 1E32211
Engine #: 7E6801-9
Gearbox #: EJ5841
Other 1: Body Number: 4E23344

*Please note that this car is for sale as a Classic Showcase restoration, equal to our Show-Driver / Show restoration levels. Please see our restoration page for further information.

Classic Showcase is pleased to offer this great XKE Coupe restoration candidate to collectors or enthusiasts that are looking to get a restoration of their choosing. This E-Type appears to be an original California car due to the “J66” added to its VIN (something exclusive to E-Types sold in California back then) and benefited from nearly 40 years of single ownership by an elderly Jaguar enthusiast who took good care of the car. These well-preserved examples are getting increasingly hard to find, so don’t miss the opportunity to acquire a Series 1 built to your specifications with limitless possibilities.

Included in the restoration process the vehicle will be stripped to bare metal, placed on a rotisserie, metal finished, leaded, all body parts fitted to the car and chrome, prepared for primer, sealer, paint, base, clear, color sanded and buffed to a fabulous finish in the color of the purchaser's choice. All systems will be gone through, and the engine will be rebuilt back to factory specifications - or can be modified to your specifications. The fuel, electrical, cooling, and hydraulic systems will be restored. All components will be rebuilt back to factory (or your own) specifications, including the engine, transmission, rear end and suspension. All chrome will be re-plated as needed. The car will receive a completely new custom tailored and fit interior in the correct materials by our upholstery department. A flash drive containing images and video of the restoration process will accompany the vehicle. Upon completion of the restoration, this Jaguar will be a great example to drive and enjoy, compete in your favorite Concours events, or simply to collect as a Blue-Chip investment.


The Series 1 4.2 2+2 is the most user friendly, and very collectable E-Types. These wonderful cars had a 4.2 liter engine with 3SU carburetors and a fully synchronized transmission. Some of the features of this model are covered headlights, toggle switches, full instrumentation with styling and design that was way ahead of its time, center console, arm rests, and full synchronization transmission. Other features of this Series 1 are its steep windshield and tail lights, which are placed above the bumper line in the rear deck. Similarly, the parking lights are above the front bumper line in the front fenders. A chrome strip beneath the windows on the doors identifies the 2+2. This car first came on the market in 1966 in response to US market pressure for a vehicle with a backseat. The 2+2 was also the first time this vehicle was offered with an automatic transmission which became an option because of the extended length of the vehicle, which permitted the transmission to be installed. In 1964 when the 4.2 was tested, fuel consumption was rated road reported at 22 MPG and a top speed of 140 MPH.