1960 Jaguar XK-150 S 3.4 OTS

Stock: J60-094
Current condition: SHOW
Performance: 3.4L, 210 BHP, Triple SU Carbs
Transmission: upgraded 5-speed transmission
Suspension: Independent Front, Live Rear Axle
Color exterior: Jaguar Dark Blue
Color interior: Red
Wheels: Chrome Wire Wheels
Tires: Coker Wide Whitewall Radial Tires 6.00-16
Brakes: 4-wheel disc
Vin #: S832094DN
Gearbox #: 001610EC
Other 1: Body Number: F17143

This 1960 Jaguar XK-150 S roadster is currently being restored to our Show level and is on track to be completed by the Spring of 2023! The Jaguar features one of our favorite color combinations of Jaguar Dark Blue over a Red interior, with a complimenting Dark Blue stay-fast top and matching Tonneau cover. In addition, our team of craftsmen have made a number of improvements to the car to improve performance, as well as comfort as described below…

Included in the restoration process of the XK-150 S: it has already been stripped to bare metal, placed on a rotisserie, metal finished, leaded, prepared for primer, sealer, paint, base, clear, and was color sanded and buffed to the fabulous finish that you see today. All body parts are currently being fitted to the car in our assembly area.

All of the Jaguar’s mechanical systems have been completely gone through and have been restored or replaced where needed, including: the fuel, electrical, cooling, and hydraulic systems. Most components have been rebuilt, including the engine, transmission, rear end, and suspension, and are in the process of being installed to the car in our assembly area; in addition, our team has setup and will be installing a 5-speed transmission to the roadster for improved performance and handling. Our team has also acquired a beautiful set of Coker wide whitewall radial tires that are not only performance minded, but also help create a highly stylish vintage look to the roadster.

On the inside of the car, the 150 S has been in the process of receiving a completely new custom tailored and fit Red interior in all the correct materials by our master trimmer. We chose to use special Bucket seats for this restoration to provide more legroom and stationary fit for the driver, which will provide a much more comfortable driving experience on your favorite roads and highways.

The 150 S also includes a set of tools, which also includes a knock off hammer, grease gun, and jack. A USB drive containing an MP4 pictorial video slideshow of the roadster’s restoration process will also accompany the vehicle. Stay tuned to this page for updates on the progress of this XK-150 S!


Production of the Jaguar XK-150 began in the spring of 1957 and would become the last of the tradition 1950s Jaguars. Although similar in appearance to the XKE cars it was replaced, it was certainly a different machine. It retained the same basic chassis, engine, and Moss four-speed gearbox, but its outward appearance was different and wider and there was more interior room for the occupants. Four inches were added to the center of the body making the extra width possible. A one-piece wraparound windscreen improved visibility. The radiator grille was changed slightly. The biggest improvement to the vehicle’s performance was the addition of Dunlop disc brakes on all four corners of the car. The XK-150 produced the same amount of horsepower as the XK140, so their performance was identical in terms of speed. The SE option added a modified cylinder head and larger exhaust valves which increased the standard 190 hp to 210. In 1958 the Model S was introduced which raised the vehicles performance even further. With the help of three two-inch SU HD8 carburetors, a Weslake developed cylinder head, and high compression pistons, horsepower rose to an impressive 250 bringing the zero-to-sixty time in just over seven seconds. All the XK-150s were offered with an optional Borg-Warner automatic gearbox and a choice of either steel or wire wheels. On the S Model, a limited-slip differential could be ordered as optional equipment. There were 2265 examples of the XK-150 Roadster produced with only 888 being the highly-sought after Model S.