1952 Jaguar C-Type

Stock: J52-798
Current condition: SHOW-DRIVER
Performance: XK-120 3.5 liter, 250+ HP, 2
Transmission: 4 speed manual transmission
Suspension: MK 11 with Jaguar disc brakes, front and rear suspension
Color exterior: Jaguar Gun Metal Grey
Color interior: Blue leather seats
Features: Toneau cover, Brookland wind screen, Brass fire extinguisher mounting., racing 4 point harness.
Mileage: Under 300 km since built
Wheels: 16-inch wire painted wheels
Tires: Dunlop S Racing, 600 C-16
Brakes: Mark II braking system
Vin #: 670798
Engine #: W7721-9
Gearbox #: GBN76978JS
Other 1: C-20254

(SOLD) This vehicle was patterned after XKC 009, for paint, engine configuration etc. Jaguar disc brakes were added as a safety feature. It took 3 years to complete the restoration process. The only mileage since completion has been test mileage.